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Cross­word and su­doku brain-teasers.


10 Royal Marines cap­tain who wrote more than 90 books in­clud­ing The Monarch of the Glen (9) 11 Fish usu­ally born in fresh wa­ter but which mi­grates to the sea, served in dishes such as blini, ce­viche, gravlax, quiche, sushi, sashimi and teriyaki (6) 12 Fra­grant flower in the genus Dianthus; a colour with shades in­clud­ing blush, coral and rose; or, a scar­let jacket worn by some fox-hunters (4) 14 Un­der­gar­ment re­sem­bling a long or knee-length camisole; a pil­low case; or, liq­ue­fied sus­pen­sion of clay par­ti­cles in wa­ter used in ceram­ics and pot­tery-mak­ing (4) 15 Clafoutis-like pud­ding but with pas­try in­stead of bat­ter; or, a com­mon name for the gar­den he­liotrope (6,3) 16 Former Bath res­i­dent noted for nov­els in­clud­ing Sense and Sen­si­bil­ity, Pride and Prej­u­dice and Emma who will be de­picted on Bank of Eng­land poly­mer £10 notes from Septem­ber 2017 (6) 17 Gen­eral name for an artist’s ma­te­rial or art sup­ply such as gouache or a Cot­man wa­ter­colour; or, an Amer­i­can skew­bald or piebald horse (5) 18 With a na­tional cap­i­tal which is the only one be­gin­ning with the let­ter “Q”, a South Amer­i­can coun­try in­clud­ing the Galá­pa­gos Is­lands (7) 20 Mr. ____ ___; 1977 Elec­tric Light Or­ches­tra song; or, words linked with “think­ing” for a form of brain­storm­ing (4,3) 24 Son of a town trum­peter who be­came one of the main pro­po­nents of bel canto; his best-known op­eras in­clude Wil­liam Tell, The Thiev­ing Mag­pie and The Bar­ber of Seville (7) 26 Sam­ple of fab­ric, wall­pa­per or car­pet, or a col­lec­tion of such bounded as a book (6) 27 ______ Ex­press; known as “the king of trains and the train of kings” and de­picted in a novel by Agatha Christie, a ve­hi­cle cre­ated by Com­pag­nie In­ter­na­tionale des Wagon­sLits in 1883 (6) 30 In­for­mal name for a Ger­man car such as any of its AMG mod­els (4) 32 Nov­el­ist who wrote about an elu­sive, quick-think­ing swords­man and es­capeartist in The Scar­let Pim­per­nel (5) 33 Ease from ten­sion and anx­i­ety through rest, yoga, ex­er­cise, mind­ful­ness, deep breath­ing, med­i­ta­tion etc (10) 35 Pop­u­lar sin­gle by El­lie Gould­ing on her de­but al­bum Lights (6,4) 37 From the name of a wolf in sto­ries by Rud­yard Ki­pling, a sym­bol of wis­dom and lead­er­ship in the Cubs di­vi­sion of the Scout­ing move­ment (5) 38 De­li­ciously ____; ti­tle of a cook­ery book by a pop­u­lar food blog­ger (4) 39 One of the six plat­inum-group met­als, atomic num­ber 76 (6) 41 French artist whose paint­ings in­clude The Valpinçon Bather and Madame Moitessier (6) 42 Flower com­pared to love in a poem by Robert Burns that was re­cited by the Prince of Wales in a BBC Scot­land au­dio project

(3,4) 45 Earth’s high­est moun­tain (7) 47 Strip of land such as the one dom­i­nated by the pres­ence of the Suez Canal (7) 48 Word link­ing with “shock” for the tremor fol­low­ing an earth­quake (5) 52 Scot­tish town once the cen­tre of the an­cient King­dom of the Picts, where bri­die pies/pasties are tra­di­tion­ally made (6) 54 Former Es­ther Rantzen series (5,4) 56 De­scrip­tion of a beef steak cooked slightly more than one served “bleu” (4) 57 Cloth used in cross-stitch em­broi­dery; or, an opera by Giuseppe Verdi (4) 58 The world’s largest river in terms of the vol­ume of wa­ter it car­ries (6) 59 Coastal vil­lage on the Ital­ian Riviera near Genoa, noted for its pic­turesque yacht-filled har­bour (9)


1 One of the types of flower grown by Char­lie McCormick in his Dorset gar­den and one that formed part of Monty Don’s jewel gar­den (6) 2 An­other name for sa­lopettes (3,5) 3 The _____; slang term for HMRC (5) 4 _____ __ of the Lambs; film with Jodie Fos­ter and An­thony Hop­kins based on a novel by Thomas Har­ris (7) 5 Area of tents, shel­ters, bivouacs etc, of­ten with a fire at its cen­tre (4) 6 Form of fos­silised tree resin used as a gem, be­lieved to have heal­ing pow­ers (5) 7 Ital­ian word for a gem or stone with an in­cised de­sign (op­po­site to cameo); or, a print­mak­ing tech­nique (8) 8 Great ____; go­ril­las, orang-utans and the clos­est ex­tant rel­a­tive to hu­mans, chim­panzees and bono­bos (4) 9 All hands __ ____; nau­ti­cal cry (2,4) 13 The­atre district in Man­hat­tan where An­drew Lloyd Web­ber is cur­rently run­ning four shows si­mul­ta­ne­ously (8) 19 Holt-dwelling wild an­i­mal de­picted in a novel by Henry Wil­liamson (5) 21 Verse in the form of a let­ter (7) 22 Lord ______; The Beano char­ac­ter (6) 23 Lon­don district de­picted in a tele­vi­sion show with Spencer Matthews and Binky Fel­stead as part of the cast (7) 25 Son of Agamem­non in Greek mythol­ogy who com­mit­ted ma­t­ri­cide (7) 28 Pasta-like strands served in ra­men (7) 29 Ma­te­rial used for ar­ti­fi­cial nails (7) 31 French com­pany that makes “Bal­lon Bleu” and “Baig­noire” time­pieces (7) 34 City in Fu­jian Prov­ince for­merly Amoy, site of the car-free is­land Gu­langyu (6) 36 Artist noted for de­pic­tions of the bal­let and the Longchamp race­course (5) 37 Tra­di­tional birth­stone for Pisces and Fe­bru­ary; a sym­bol of so­bri­ety (8) 40 Pen name of Dora Saint, au­thor of the Fairacre and Thrush Green nov­els (4,4) 43 The Rocky Hor­ror Show char­ac­ter orig­i­nally played by Richard O’Brien (4,4) 44 Ital­ian river syn­ony­mous with the term “point of no re­turn” (7) 46 One of the mu­si­cal in­stru­ments made by Ni­colò Amati and del Gesù (6) 49 Greek god­dess of peace (6) 50 Dried stalks of grain used to make bas­kets, boaters and bee skeps (5) 51 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of a county in which Knebworth House is sit­u­ated (5) 53 Item stud­ied in vex­il­lol­ogy (4) 55 Ba­sic unit of mat­ter; a nu­cleus within a cloud of elec­trons (4)

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