Last week we asked: What’s the scari­est thing you’ve ever done? Here are your replies.

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The scari­est thing I have done in my life is when I was study­ing my first se­mes­ter of en­gi­neer­ing in my home­town, where a cy­cle race was or­gan­ised by the lo­cal author­i­ties. With­out any train­ing, safety mea­sures or equip­ment, I de­cided to par­tic­i­pate in this thrilling race with full en­thu­si­asm and [josh]. My mum was so scared of the event as it was held on a high­way. I man­aged to con­vince my par­ents to let me par­tic­i­pate.

Fi­nally, the day of the event ar­rived and I was geared up. I started off with full en­ergy and all went well for 30km, en­joy­ing ev­ery kilo­me­tre. Sweat was drip­ping all over my body and my en­ergy lev­els started drop­ping and ev­ery breath was too hard. But thanks to the en­cour­ag­ing and help­ful staff, I man­aged to com­plete the race suc­cess­fully and safely. Once the ride was over I couldn’t stand on my legs. My legs no longer sup­ported my body weight.

Now, as a mother my­self, I feel the ten­sion ex­pe­ri­enced by my par­ents. This is one of the scari­est things I have done in my life and it be­came one of the most mem­o­rable events with the cer­tifi­cate well pre­served. I’m proud to show it to my kids. Matam Ra­jeswari

Forg­ing my fa­ther’s sig­na­ture on my marks memo. Anu­radha

Ex­actly a year ago, very hot tea fell on my neigh­bour’s child, who was a year old. See­ing the se­vere burns and the child cry­ing was re­ally scary. But the scari­est mo­ment was when I saw that the skin started ris­ing up and that spot be­came re­ally red. I al­most had a ner­vous break­down, but I could not cry be­cause ev­ery­one would’ve pan­icked. Jeroen Benny

It was an early morn­ing in December last year in Dubai, around 5am. I was driv­ing from my res­i­dence in Mankhool to Oud Metha Art Of Liv­ing Cen­tre, for a morn­ing yoga ses­sion, over Garhoud bridge. It was un­be­liev­ably foggy that day and I was in two minds as to whether I should drive to­wards the Cen­tre or re­turn, and de­cided to move on ahead slowly. Vis­i­bil­ity was al­most zero. In­stead of tak­ing the Deira exit, I took the exit just be­fore the Abu Dhabi one by mis­take and some­how could make out that I had en­tered the wrong one. It was a nar­row round stretch. I still re­mem­ber that I per­spired on that cold win­ter morn­ing while slowly turn­ing the car, pray­ing, strain­ing my eyes and mov­ing through the fog with­out any idea of what ex­isted a few yards away. By the Almighty’s grace, I soon was on the right path. How­ever, I vividly re­mem­ber the fear and panic I felt for those few min­utes be­fore I hit the right road. Man­isha Ba­heti

I love to over­come my fears. Hence, I have done the fastest roller­coaster rides, ex­pe­ri­enced the jump from Mars at NASA and paraglid­ing. How­ever, the scari­est thing I have ever done is the sea walk­ing in Bali. As a per­son who doesn’t know how to swim and who has a pho­bia of wa­ter, go­ing 6m un­der the sea was not an easy task. Still, I did it. Sunanda Mo­han

I was home alone when sud­denly dark storm clouds gath­ered, the rain started pour­ing heav­ily and sud­denly the sky went sil­ver as light­ning cracked. Boom! ‘Oh my, I have never seen such a thun­der­storm,’ I whis­pered with hor­ror. All of a sud­den the lights went off; everything was pitch black and there I stood frozen, not know­ing what to do. Emaan Raza

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