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A laugh­ter yoga club fol­lows a set rou­tine with a va­ri­ety of types of laugh­ter for group mem­bers to ex­pe­ri­ence. Their mantra is ‘fake it un­til you make it,’ with the idea that en­forced laugh­ter ul­ti­mately makes peo­ple laugh out loud gen­uinely. Laugh­ter tech­niques at club meet­ings in­clude:

MO­BILE PHONE LAUGH Imag­ine lis­ten­ing to a re­ally funny con­ver­sa­tion on your mo­bile phone, fin­gers stick­ing up like an­ten­nae.

GREET­ING LAUGH Shake hands and laugh with other mem­bers.

SHY LAUGH Cover face with hands, peer over top and gig­gle, cover face and peep out and gig­gle.

NO MONEY LAUGH Pulling out your pock­ets to show that you have no money, and point­ing and laugh­ing.

LAUGH AT YOUR­SELF: Don’t take your­self too se­ri­ously. Be­fore you can laugh at others you should be pre­pared to laugh at your­self. Point to your chest and laugh.

MILK­SHAKE LAUGH Hold­ing imag­i­nary glasses in each hand, pour liq­uid from one glass to the other whilst say­ing ‘Oooo, ah­hhh’, then laugh­ing as you tilt your head back whilst mim­ing drink­ing the milk.

GIB­BER­ISH A very good fa­cial ex­er­cise and great for los­ing in­hi­bi­tions. Just walk around hav­ing gib­ber­ish con­ver­sa­tions with each other. Try to keep a straight face.

MEX­I­CAN WAVE In a cir­cle, lift your arms up and laugh Mex­i­can wave-style.

LION LAUGH This is a yoga breath. Open eyes and mouth wide, stick out your tongue and laugh whilst hold­ing your hands by the side of your head like lion’s paws.

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