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Q I used to en­joy a daily bowl of fruit be­fore my meal un­til I found out re­cently that I was di­a­betic. Can I con­tinue to have fruit? A If you have di­a­betes, your body is cur­rently not able to process carbs very well. Fruits are noth­ing but carbs in the form of fruc­tose with some fi­bre and nu­tri­ents.

Peo­ple who are try­ing to lose weight and who have di­a­betes need to be smart with their carbs. Eat your fast carbs, the ones that come from fruit, when your body can use them. So be­fore a work­out, af­ter a work­out or on days when you are phys­i­cally very ac­tive and on the go. If you eat fruit right af­ter a big lunch or din­ner, you will be do­ing more dam­age than good.

Since you love fruit, make sure you have low-sugar fruits such as berries, pa­paya and oranges.

You must also re­mem­ber to add some healthy fats like nuts, av­o­cado or co­conut chunks on the side. When you add healthy fats to fast carbs, you get a more steady, sta­ble rise in sugar lev­els, which leads to a bet­ter in­sulin re­sponse.

How­ever, please con­sult your doc­tor be­fore you start on a diet that in­cludes fruits.

RASHI CHOWD­HARY is a nu­tri­tion­ist, di­a­betes ed­u­ca­tor and creator of The Pro­tein Bake Shop

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