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Well, I’m a big be­liever in nat­u­ral beauty, so I don’t wear make-up at all. All I need is a La­bello [lip balm] to get me through the day. Tiara Sox

Be­ing make-up-free is my all-time favourite look. I feel women look pret­tier and more con­fi­dent when they are with­out make-up on. Hav­ing said that, I like wear­ing foun­da­tion off and on that ex­actly matches my skin shade and when I re­ally want flaw­less skin. I guess shades mat­ter a lot. If you are not in mood to wear any make-up, just put on a nice lip­stick with messy hair or a braid – that’s what I usu­ally do. Sumeet

When it comes to make-up I just en­hance my nat­u­ral beauty by adding a tinge of blush, Rim­mel Ex­tra Wow Lash mas­cara and my sig­na­ture nude lip­stick. In sum­mer, a warm glow is nec­es­sary and I’m ready to jump on board, since a hint of sparkle has made its way into my own make-up bag. I add some shim­mer and glimmer on my up­per lids. I wear this look with my dark jeans, black Con­verse sneak­ers and a moto jacket and feel strik­ing. Iman Raza

I don’t have a favourite make-up look – there is a dif­fer­ent look for ev­ery oc­ca­sion. The smoky eye and nude lip for a party look and glit­tery eyes and a matte lip­stick for a sum­mer­time look. The best make-up tip that I have learnt over the years is ap­ply­ing loose pow­der on your eye­lashes for a fuller and more vo­lu­mi­nous look – it makes your eyes look big­ger and brighter and you don’t even re­quire fake lashes! I al­ways keep in mind that ‘less is more’. Huda Ir­fan

My favourite make-up look is a brown smoky eye, which I do with the Kylie Kyshadow the Bronze Pal­ette (above). Firstly, I ap­ply May­belline Fit Me Matte foun­da­tion. I start my eyes by us­ing the Citrine shade and blend it in the crease. Most peo­ple feel scared to use a bright orange as a tran­si­tion shade but it ac­tu­ally looks so beau­ti­ful, es­pe­cially if you are go­ing for a warm smoky eye or a warm eye in gen­eral. Orange shades work beau­ti­fully in the crease. The next shade I use is Tiger Eye; I put it in the crease to fur­ther de­fine it. Then I just blend it out. Af­ter that I use a su­per-warm brown that has a red­dish un­der­tone, which is per­fect. The shade is called He­matite, and I ap­ply it on eye­lids and blend. Matte for­mu­las are nice be­cause they blend re­ally well. Then I use the shade Bronzite, a very nice choco­late-brown shade. I’m just so ob­sessed with these shades be­cause these are the neu­trals that you need if you’re a warm neu­trals lover like I am. I use Bronzite and deepen the outer crease with it. Then I use Quartz, a sheer shim­mer, and ap­ply it in the in­ner cor­ner of the eye for a lit­tle high­light. Then I use the re­ally beau­ti­ful creamy shade, Jasper, and give a lit­tle brow­bone high­light. The top lid is done, then I do the bot­tom lid. I like to keep it sim­ple so I use Tiger Eye and He­matite, which I used on the up­per lash, and then smoke out the lower lash a bit. I think it is re­ally easy to achieve but at the same time it looks like you put a lot of ef­fort into it. Then I just add ex­tra vo­lu­mized mas­cara and some­times I add some false lashes. It makes my eyes look su­per-sul­try and it doesn’t take much time. Af­ter my eyes, I just con­tour and high­light my face and then I ap­ply my favourite Candy K by Kylie Cos­met­ics. Ev­ery­thing about it makes me look so put to­gether and I feel fab­u­lous. Aliza Raza

This is my In­dian look (right), one of my favourite looks. I like do­ing up my eyes and en­hanc­ing them with a kohl pen­cil. My make-up is al­ways very light as I don’t like lay­ers of foun­da­tion. Prod­ucts that I gen­er­ally use are MAC, Anas­ta­sia Bev­erly Hills and Ur­ban De­cay. I’m gen­er­ally not a make-up per­son but on spe­cial oc­ca­sions I love to use it. In this pic­ture (above), I have a West­ern look with black smoky eyes. My hair­styl­ist did a fan­tas­tic job with this Ital­ian self braid hair and it went well with my dress. I used Kylie [Jen­ner] matte lip kit for the lips. Deepshikha Arora

For me, noth­ing beats a glit­tery lip gloss with winged liner. It’s a clas­sic kind of look and it looks good on any­one. Black winged liner with some light pink lip gloss is the per­fect light make-up. Zainab Ad­nan

This is my favourite make-up look. You can do it with­out pro­fes­sional help. Hon­estly speak­ing, I was not get­ting ready to go to any party or func­tion. A clear pic­ture of me (as an au­thor) was re­quired by my pub­lisher to print on the cover page of my novel. Firstly, cleanse the face. Then, fol­low it up by evenly ap­ply­ing a thin layer of May­belline foun­da­tion, gen­tly ap­ply­ing Lakme com­pact on it, adding a light touch of blush, along with eye­liner and a glossy lip­stick of your choice. A small ac­ces­sory can be used to ac­cen­tu­ate the look. My ad­vice is to be very care­ful while buy­ing foun­da­tion as this alone can make or break the look. Buy one that is one tone lighter than your ac­tual com­plex­ion and if you en­sure it is a sweat-proof and long-last­ing one, it will go a long way to keep it in­tact for lengthy pe­ri­ods of time. Last but not the least, in­ner hap­pi­ness and a smile are the best make-up jewels. Don’t for­get to use them for your favourite look! Dr Arti Goel

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