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Cross­word and su­doku brain-teasers.


1 20th-cen­tury English nov­el­ist whose works in­clude The Power and the Glory, The Pot­ting Shed, Trav­els with My Aunt and the short story Went the Day Well? (6) 4 Ru­ral set­tle­ment or com­mu­nity with fic­tional ex­am­ples in­clud­ing Bal­lykissan­gel, Bram­ley End, Can­dle­ford Green, Di­b­ley, Down­ton, Glen­bogle and Thrush Green (7) 8 With star-shaped azure-blue flow­ers used to gar­nish Pimm’s Cup with straw­ber­ries, cu­cum­ber and mint, a herb re­lated to com­frey, for­get-me-not, he­liotrope and hound’s tongue (6) 14 __ _ _ _ _ _ His­tory Mu­seum; one of the sites or in­sti­tu­tions form­ing the Al­ber­topo­lis in South Kens­ing­ton, Lon­don (7) 15 Col­lec­tion of the charts stud­ied in car­tog­ra­phy; one of the mytho­log­i­cal Greek Ti­tans; or, the name of a chain of moun­tains ex­tend­ing through Al­ge­ria, Morocco and Tu­nisia (5) 16 Fizzy __ _ _ _ _ _ drinks; bev­er­ages made by Willy Wonka in Roald Dahl’s Char­lie and the Choco­late Fac­tory that cause Char­lie and Grandpa Joe to float (7) 17 Kitchen uten­sils with ad­justable blades for tasks in­clud­ing cut­ting cour­gettes into rib­bons, shred­ding Brus­sels sprouts, juli­en­ning or finely slic­ing pota­toes for gratin (10) 18 Tra­di­tional rope-soled shoe ei­ther flat and slip-on or wedged with an­kle ties, made by com­pa­nies in­clud­ing Cas­tañer and Solu­dos (10) 20 Ris­ing in the Black For­est and flow­ing to the Black Sea through 10 coun­tries and many cities in­clud­ing Vi­enna and Bel­grade, the sec­ond-long­est river in Europe (6) 21 French avi­a­tion pioneer who, in a mono­plane of his own de­sign, made the first heav­ier-than-air flight across the English Chan­nel (7) 23 One of the ear­li­est count­ing de­vices other than us­ing the fin­gers/dig­its (6) 28 “Life is like rid­ing a bi­cy­cle. To keep your — you must keep mov­ing.” Al­bert Ein­stein in a let­ter to his son Ed­uard (7) 30 French lex­i­cog­ra­pher noted for his Dic­tion­naire de la langue française (6) 31 __ _ _ _ /Ay­ers Rock; a land­mark in North­ern Ter­ri­tory, Aus­tralia (5) 34 With styles in­clud­ing guipure and Chan­tilly, an or­na­men­tal type of fab­ric sim­i­lar to broderie anglaise (4) 35 Authoress noted for works in­clud­ing Mrs Dal­loway, To the Light­house, Or­lando A Room of One’s Own and The Waves (5) 36 Nau­ti­cal com­mand mean­ing hold fast, stop or cease (5) 37 Known in South Africa as braais, an ab­bre­vi­a­tion of the ca­sual al fresco gath­er­ings where grilled food is served (4) 41 In math­e­mat­i­cal nu­mer­i­cal sys­tems, the quan­tity on which a sys­tem of nu­mer­a­tion (or of log­a­rithms) is based (5) 42 Musée du ______; Parisian mu­seum that holds the Winged Vic­tory of Samoth­race and Mona Lisa (6) 43 Vil­lage and ski re­sort in the Swiss can­ton of Valais, lo­ca­tion of an event form­ing the Freeride World Tour (7)

46 The ______; pe­riod of so­cial events in­clud­ing Glyn­de­bourne Opera Fes­ti­val, Royal As­cot, Henley Royal Re­gatta and the Proms (6) 47 Track-and-field event in which a heavy ball is placed with great force (4,3) 48 Florence ______; veg­etable braised or roasted as an ac­com­pa­ni­ment to fish dishes or used to make soup/velouté (6) 51 The sci­en­tific study of trees (10) 54 The trans­fer of a novel into a film (10) 57 One of the lu­nar phases (3,4) 58 Gen­eral name for a drink pre­pared from pressed fruit or veg­eta­bles (5) 59 Poi­sonous plant re­lated to but­ter­cups, del­phini­ums and clema­tis also called monks­hood and wolfs­bane (7) 60 Sec­ond wife of Henry VIII, de­picted by Natalie Dormer in The Tu­dors (6) 61 __ _ _ _ _ _ set­ter; breed of gun dog (7) 62 Whig prime min­is­ter from 1743–54; a type of bit; or, the first name of the au­thor of the Jeeves and Wooster sto­ries (6)


1 The largest of Jupiter’s moons (8) 2 One of the Black­ad­der co-writ­ers (5) 3 Ves­sel for trav­el­ling along canals (10) 5 First name of Edgar Lin­ton’s sis­ter, abused by hus­band Heathcliff in Emily Brontë’s Wuther­ing Heights (8) 6 Dutch por­trait painter noted for his Wind­sor Beau­ties col­lec­tion/se­ries (4) 7 States of mat­ter such as oxy­gen or ozone at nor­mal tem­per­a­tures on Earth (5) 9 Of­fi­cial colour of the univer­sity where 27 Bri­tish prime min­is­ters have been ed­u­cated (6,4) 10 Po­etry col­lec­tion by Sylvia Plath (5) 11 Bird of prey with keen sight, known col­lec­tively as a con­vo­ca­tion (5) 12 Full _____; long piece of tar­tan worn over the shoul­der by a High­land piper (5) 13 Item of fish­ing tackle (5) 19 Word link­ing with “gros” for a type of ribbon used in millinery for hat­bands (5) 22 Eighth par­ry­ing po­si­tion in fenc­ing (6) 24 Bread­crumb-like top­ping for ap­ple, black­berry or rhubarb com­pote (7) 25 Gourd re­lated to cu­cum­bers, mel­ons, cour­gettes, mar­rows and pump­kins (6) 26 Groups of fish swim­ming to­gether (7) 27 Tri­dent for catch­ing sal­mon (7) 29 In Greek mythol­ogy, home to Pan (7) 32 __ _ _ _ _ of Lon­don; per­fumer with two royal war­rants, noted for tra­di­tional scents such as blue­bell and lily-of-the-val­ley (6) 33 Seven-star as­ter­ism in Ursa Ma­jor (6) 38 Na­tive Bri­tish breed of an­i­mal writ­ten about by Muriel Wace (6,4) 39 El­dest of the four boys in The Swiss Fam­ily Robin­son by Jo­hann David Wyss (5)

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