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‘Ad­just the height of your chair in such a way that your feet are firmly on the ground,’ says Alan. If you are un­able to do so, then use a footrest, he adds. This will en­sure proper sup­port for your lower back.

‘Place the key­board and mouse of your com­puter close to you.’ Your arm and hand should not be stretched to reach them, he says.

Your com­puter’s mon­i­tor should be about 20 inches away from you and the top of the mon­i­tor should be at or slightly be­low your eye level. If you’re us­ing a lap­top, again en­sure it’s at eye level, says Dr Abra­ham.

En­sure there is plenty of light on doc­u­ments that you read dur­ing the day. Get a desk lamp, if needed, sug­gests the doc­tor.

Take a 20-minute break af­ter sit­ting for a few hours. Ac­cord­ing to a study, sit­ting for too long slows blood flow so oxy­gen doesn’t get to mus­cles ef­fec­tively, the body shuts down and goes into hiber­na­tion mode.

‘Stretch your arms and legs when stand­ing up and re­lax your shoul­ders fre­quently in the sit­ting po­si­tion,’ says Dr Abra­ham.

Ad­jus t the arm rest of your chair in a way that your shoul­ders are re­laxed. ‘This will help you to avoid stiff­ness in your shoul­der, el­bows and your arms,’ says Alan.

‘Fol­low an ex­er­cise regime that in­cludes leg, arm, ab­domen and back move­ments,’ says Dr Abra­ham. These, he says, will not only pre­vent stiff­ness in these ar­eas but will im­prove your over­all me­tab­o­lism and well-be­ing.

Make sure the strap of your lap­top bag has shoul­der pads, says Dr Abra­ham.


Do not talk on phone with the re­ceiver cra­dled on your shoul­der with your ear pressed to it. ‘If done for a long pe­riod of time, it can cause stiff­ness and se­vere pain in your neck and shoul­der area,’ Dr Abra­ham adds. Also, re­mem­ber these move­ments are not nat­u­ral to our body and there­fore are bound to cause strain, he says.

‘Avoid car­ry­ing ex­cess weight on your shoul­ders,’ Dr Abra­ham warns. Lighten your load, he adds, ‘Carry only what’s re­quired, es­pe­cially in your lap­top bag.’

Don’t lean for­ward or slouch while sit­ting. ‘It is one of the main rea­sons for back­ache,’ says Alan.

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