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A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The driver says, ‘ugh, that’s the ugli­est baby I’ve ever seen’. The woman walks to the rear of the bus and sits down, fum­ing. She says to a man next to her, ‘the driver just in­sulted me’. The man says, ‘you go up there and tell him off. Go on, I’ll hold your mon­key for you’.

Two campers are walk­ing through the woods when a huge brown bear sud­denly ap­pears in the clear­ing about 50 feet in front of them. The bear sees the campers and be­gins to head to­wards them. The first guy drops his back­pack, digs out a pair of sneak­ers, and fran­ti­cally be­gins to put them on. The sec­ond guy says, ‘what are you do­ing? Sneak­ers won’t help you out­run that bear’. ‘I don’t need to out­run the bear,’ the first guy says. ‘I just need to out­run you.’

Two aeri­als meet on a roof, fall in love and get mar­ried. The re­cep­tion was bril­liant. Sarah Ronad

To bring a smile or laugh to some­one’s face is the best thing you can do. These days so­cial me­dia has taken that re­spon­si­bil­ity. There are many jokes and trolls that make you laugh out loud. A re­cent one caught my at­ten­tion is be­low. Medi­ocre but very rel­e­vant. A cute sen­tence writ­ten by a small boy in his maths book. ‘Dear Maths! Please grow up and start solv­ing your prob­lems your­self... I have my own prob­lems!’ Su­nanda Mo­han

Em­ployer: How long did you work dur­ing your last job? Can­di­date: 30 years Em­ployer: What’s your age? Can­di­date: 20 years Em­ployer: How? Can­di­date: I did over­time.

Don’t do any­thing to any­one’s heart They have only one heart Break their bones They have 206 bones Jeroen Benny

I know a lot of jokes. Here’s the fun­ni­est I’ve heard: A po­lice of­fi­cer calls into the sta­tion. ‘I have an in­ter­est­ing case here,’ he says. ‘A woman shot her hus­band for step­ping on the floor she just mopped.’ ‘Have you ar­rested her?’ asks the sergeant. ‘No, not yet. The floor’s still wet.’ Zo­bia Fathima

This is my favourite joke. A woman texts this to her hus­band on a cold win­ter morn­ing: Win­dows is not open­ing, to­tally frozen. Hus­band replies: Pour some hot wa­ter on it and tap gen­tly on the edges. If that does not work, take a ham­mer and hit it gen­tly on it. Wife replies: The lap­top’s re­ally bro­ken now! Kashvi Bin­dal

I am a huge fan of jokes but rid­dles are harder and be­ing up for a chal­lenge is al­ways ex­cit­ing! How do you make the word ‘one’ dis­ap­pear? Add a ‘g’ and it’s gone! Reeti Ram­chan­dani

I am a reg­u­lar reader of Fri­day though this is my first write-up.

Laugh­ter is said to be the best medicine for any kind of ail­ment. It is an era where stand-up com­edy is yet an­other pro­fes­sion that one may choose for a liv­ing. In to­day’s busy-bee world, I feel it is very im­por­tant to laugh your heart out not nec­es­sar­ily watch­ing a com­edy show or a movie but sim­ple things that hap­pen around you – and at your­self, too.

My fond mem­o­ries and also my favourite form of com­edy is to watch some­one mimic an­other. I have a strong mem­ory of col­lege days when we used to mimic our pro­fes­sors and laugh our hearts out. We were so good in ob­serv­ing dur­ing the lec­tures and im­i­tat­ing the same later. We were the naïve Rus­sell Peters of our time.

Laugh­ter is said to be true or pure when it trav­els from your lips and reaches your ears. I have had many such true mo­ments in my life.

It is said that old habits die hard. So true that even to­day I find it dif­fi­cult to con­trol my laugh­ter when some­one goes head over heels while walk­ing – in­clud­ing my­self. Amita Charati

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For the foodie in me, this is the per­fect for­tune cookie. Deepthi Prabakaran

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