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1 Painter and il­lus­tra­tor whose no­table works in­clude a 58ft-long mu­ral in the din­ing room at Plas Newydd and a mu­ral in the Tate Gallery restau­rant (8) 5 Residue re­main­ing af­ter grapes have been pressed for juice, olives pressed for oil or ap­ples for vine­gar (6) 9 Also known as golden but­tons and cow bit­ter, a herb with yel­low flow­ers and feath­ery fo­liage used as a nat­u­ral in­sect re­pel­lent in pot­pourri (5) 13 Mute _____; wa­ter­birds sub­ject to the an­nual cer­e­mony known as “up­ping” (5) 14 Hair-tam­ing ac­ces­sory worn by Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah, Duchess of York in the 1980s, typ­i­cally vel­vet or faux tor­toise­shell (5,4) 15 _____ Hu­man; Bill Forsyth film with Robin Wil­liams and Robert Car­lyle; or, a BBC Three su­per­nat­u­ral drama se­ries (5) 16 The Charge of the Light _______; poem by Al­fred, Lord Ten­nyson about a dis­as­trous cavalry as­sault dur­ing the Bat­tle of Bala­clava (7) 17 __ _ _ _ rate; bod­ily pulse as­sessed in a func­tional thresh­old power test when es­tab­lish­ing an ath­lete’s power zones for train­ing (5) 18 Sports­wear com­pany whose shoes were worn by Harold Abra­hams and Eric Lid­dell in the 1924 Olympics, later cel­e­brated in the film Char­i­ots of Fire (6) 20 For­merly Ran­goon, the largest city and for­mer capital of Myan­mar, site of the Sh­wedagon Pagoda (6) 22 De­picted in a paint­ing by Her­bert James Draper, the Ro­man god­dess of the dawn with the Greek equiv­a­lent Eos (6) 24 Cof­fee from the beans of a plant orig­i­nally indige­nous to the Ethiopian High­lands, higher qual­ity than ro­busta (7) 26 With pink flow­ers sig­nalling an ap­proach­ing sum­mer, a wild climber found in­ter­twined with bram­bles in hedgerows and wood­land edges or with ripen­ing fruit in the au­tumn (3,4) 28 French mi­cro­bi­ol­o­gist and germ-the­ory founder whose ex­per­i­ments led him to de­velop life-sav­ing vac­cines and new ways to make food safe (7) 29 Death _____; 2007 Quentin Tarantino film based on a mur­der­ous stunt­man played by Kurt Rus­sell (5) 31 Pe­riod of 1,000 years (10) 33 A UK emer­gency ser­vice con­tactable on land via 999 or at sea with a red flare (10) 36 The bar­ri­ers defin­ing the bat­tle­field in a me­dieval joust­ing tour­na­ment (5) 38 French term used in chess mean­ing “in a po­si­tion to be taken” (2,5) 40 His­to­ri­ated _______; an en­larged let­ter at the be­gin­ning of a para­graph in an il­lu­mi­nated man­u­script (7) 41 Boat­ing and moun­taineer­ing knot that can be tied with one hand (7) 43 In­for­mal name for a game or con­tact sport in­volv­ing scrum­mage (6) 44 Calf­skin parch­ment on which Bri­tish Acts of Par­lia­ment have been printed since records be­gan (6) 48 Zigzag­ging ski race be­tween poles (6)

50 English ac­tress who starred in The Good Life and To the Manor Born (5) 51 Jimmy McGovern’s le­gal drama se­ries star­ring Christo­pher Ec­cle­ston (7) 54 Cit­rus fruit that can be pre­served in a Kil­ner jar with sea salt flakes (5) 55 The “Dol­phin” con­stel­la­tion (9) 56 For­mer name for Gorno-Al­taisk (5) 57 Por­ta­ble or tem­po­rary shel­ters known col­lec­tively as a car­a­van; or, webs spun by a com­pany of cater­pil­lars (5) 58 Theatre of the ______; form of drama (6) 59 Holdall used for ruck­ing, out­door pur­suits, pic­nics and camp­ing (8)


1 Slip­way and har­bour form­ing part of the Juras­sic Coast, used as lo­ca­tion for the se­ries Broad­church (4,3) 2 __ _ _ _ _ _ gar­den; for­mal out­door space tra­di­tion­ally green with box hedges, top­i­aries, stat­ues, but few flow­ers (7) 3 _____, Inc; com­pany that man­u­fac­tured the first elec­tric sports car (5) 4 Ma­te­rial used to make tra­di­tional pie dishes and bake­ware (6) 6 Build­ing such as the one in Syd­ney de­signed by Jørn Ut­zon or the one de­scribed in 45 Down (5,5) 7 Old sea­far­ing word used to de­scribe the rear end of a ship or boat (5) 8_ _ _ _ _berry; fruit used to make cor­dial (5) 9 Il­lu­mi­na­tion de­vice with ex­am­ples de­signed by Louis Com­fort Tif­fany (5,4) 10 The capital of Kenya (7) 11 From the San­skrit mean­ing “union”, a dis­ci­pline of pos­tures and breath­ing (4) 12 Track-and-field event with a tech­nique known as the Fos­bury flop (4,4) 19 Flower writ­ten about in a poem by Wil­liam Wordsworth (8) 21 Colour­less gas mainly re­sid­ing in Earth’s strato­sphere (5) 23 High­est moun­tain in the Pyre­nees (5) 24 Poem or puz­zle in which the first let­ters of each line form a word (8) 25 From the French mean­ing “miller’s wife”, a cook­ery method in which sole fil­lets are coated in sea­soned flour and fried (8) 26 Ques­tion Time host whose fa­ther was the BBC’s first war cor­re­spon­dent (8) 27 Res­pi­ra­tory or­gans of fish; fe­male fer­rets; or, parts of mush­room caps (5) 30 Gi­raffe-ze­bra-like an­i­mal some­times re­ferred to as an African uni­corn (5) 32 __ _ _ _ House; the House of Lords (5) 34 __ _ _ _ dog; ca­nine trained to as­sist a blind or par­tially-sighted per­son (5) 35 Bird as­so­ci­ated with the myth of Al­cy­one and her hus­band Ceyx (10) 37 Old coins worth 12 old pence (9) 39 Largest liv­ing land mam­mal (8) 42 Brand of por­ta­ble me­dia player made by Sony that was the fore­run­ner of the Ap­ple iPod and Cre­ative Zen (7) 45 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of a theatre where Puc­cini’s Madama But­ter­fly pre­mièred (2,5) 46 Nat­u­ral beauty treat­ment for the skin, of­ten con­tain­ing fuller’s earth (3,4) 47 Small plum used to make cob­bler, syl­labub, gin, jam and fruit cheese (6) 49 Mass com­mu­ni­ca­tion, news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, tele­vi­sion, ra­dio and the in­ter­net re­garded col­lec­tively (5) 50 Ovens for fir­ing pot­tery (5) 52 Small group of trees or ferns (5) 53 Word used to de­scribe a de­flated tyre, an ef­fer­ves­cent drink hav­ing lost its fizz, or a per­son dull and bored (4)

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