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WEAR SUN­GLASSES AHEAD OF YOUR FLIGHT Your cir­ca­dian rhythms re­spond to your eyes de­tect­ing light. Con­trol­ling your ex­po­sure in the days lead­ing up to your flight can, when done in time with your desti­na­tion clock, help you ad­just more eas­ily to a new time zone. USE TECH­NOL­OGY Glasses that pro­vide ex­po­sure to mim­icked day­light have gone on the mar­ket – although at Dh1,000 they don’t come cheap. There are also web­sites that al­low you to en­ter your flight de­tails and re­ceive spe­cific plans for beat­ing jet­lag. CHECK IN ON­LINE Stress re­duces our chance of restora­tive sleep and lack of sleep can re­sult in jet­lag – so do what you can to stay calm in tran­sit. Check­ing in ahead of ar­riv­ing at the air­port and know­ing your desti­na­tion ho­tel can ease wor­ries. EX­ER­CISE MID-AIR Take walks, do arm ex­er­cises, stretch reg­u­larly. Keep­ing your body ac­tive while you’re fly­ing will keep the blood cir­cu­lat­ing, which helps fight fa­tigue and other ail­ments. STAY ON HOME TIME If it’s a short trip and it’s con­ve­nient, some ex­perts sug­gest sim­ply stay­ing on your home clock and time, eat­ing and sleep­ing to oc­cur as they would here in the UAE.

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