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Cross­word and su­doku brain-teasers.


1 Ac­tor re­mem­bered for Shake­spearean roles in­clud­ing Ham­let, Lear and Richard II and for films in­clud­ing Oh! What a Lovely War, Gandhi and The Power of One (7) 5 Artist in the Pre-Raphaelite style whose paint­ings in­clude Lady Go­diva, Tannhäuser In the Venus­berg, The Sleep­ing Beauty and The Am­ber Neck­lace (7) 9_ _ _ _ _ beans; legumes sea­sonal in Bri­tish gar­dens in the sum­mer months at the same time as as­para­gus, cour­gettes, peas, spinach and straw­ber­ries (5) 12 Noted for con­cepts in­clud­ing “will to power” and Über­men­sch” (su­per­man), the philoso­pher who said: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” (9) 13 Cabi­net­maker whose pieces form a pro­por­tion of the fur­ni­ture col­lec­tion at Dum­fries House (ap­prox­i­mately 10 per cent of his sur­viv­ing work) (11) 14 Species of ba­nana plant also called Manila hemp, used in the pro­duc­tion of spe­cial­ity pa­per and tea bags (5) 15 Botanists who cul­ti­vate or study the flow­ers used as flo­ral em­blems of coun­tries in­clud­ing Belize, Colom­bia, Sin­ga­pore and Venezuela (10) 16 The Goose That Laid the Golden ____; Aesop’s fa­ble based on greed (4) 18 Name by which Sid­dhartha Gau­tama is gen­er­ally known (6) 19 Ital­ian prov­ince in Emilia-Ro­magna noted for its culi­nary spe­cial­i­ties in­clud­ing cheese, bocca di dama (lemon and al­mond cake) and vi­o­let can­dies (5) 20 Gaius Julius ______; Ro­man gen­eral said to be rep­re­sented as the king of di­a­monds in a deck of play­ing cards (6) 24 Round the Is­land ____; the Isle of Wight’s an­nual one-day yachting event (4) 26 Nick­name of the land­scape ar­chi­tect Lancelot Brown, whose suc­ces­sor is gen­er­ally re­garded to be Humphry Rep­ton (10) 28 Gem with salt­wa­ter Akoya va­ri­eties ex­tracted from oys­ters and fresh­wa­ter va­ri­eties col­lected from mus­sels (5) 32 Kentish hens with buff, laven­der, blue, white or black plumage (10) 33 Genre of sc-fi film or novel such as the Star Wars fran­chise or Isaac Asi­mov’s Foun­da­tion series (5,5) 35 Au­thor of the Cam­pus Tril­ogy (5) 36 Sys­tem of shock ab­sorbers con­nect­ing the body of a ve­hi­cle to its wheels (10) 37 Farm where horses are bred (4) 39 ____ __ Your Trou­bles in Your Old Kit-Bag; First World War an­them (4,2) 41 Au­thor who wrote the Res­cuers series of nov­els for chil­dren (5) 43 Film-maker of the French New Wave noted for his Six Moral Tales series (6) 48 Gem­stone graded on pattern, clar­ity, trans­parency and play-of-colour (4) 49 Con­fec­tionery with a gourmet brand sell­ing flavours in­clud­ing blue­berry, green tea, wa­ter­melon and wild black­berry (5,5) 50 Baked food such as sour­dough, bro­ken as a tra­di­tion when shar­ing sup­per with oth­ers (5) 53 Latin phrase used in law mean­ing

“ret­ro­spec­tive” (2,4,5) 54 Type of in­stru­men­tal en­sem­ble usu­ally di­rected by a 44 Down (9) 55 Gen­eral name for a gar­den seat with a tra­di­tional wooden de­sign named af­ter its cre­ator Ed­win Lu­tyens (5) 56 Ac­tor whose tele­vi­sion roles have in­cluded Wolfie Smith in Cit­i­zen Smith and Ben Harper in My Fam­ily (7) 57 Sci­en­tific study of life on Earth (7)


1 Birth city of Christo­pher Colum­bus af­ter which a fruit cake is named (5) 2 One of the four main gem­stones (7) 3 Tra­di­tional An­dalu­sian tomato, pep­per and cu­cum­ber soup served chilled (8) 4 The ______; nick­name of W. G. Grace (6) 5 City and Unesco World Her­itage Site in the An­des, south­ern Ecuador (6) 6 Com­pound pro­duced in the body which is re­spon­si­ble for the burn­ing sen­sa­tion in mus­cles dur­ing in­tense ex­er­cise (6,4) 7 Metal in the platinum group; the sec­ond­dens­est el­e­ment af­ter os­mium (7) 8 Places plants into larger ves­sels (6) 9 Late au­thor who wrote the Padding­ton Bear series of books (4) 10 Cit­rus fruits served in seg­ments with wa­ter­cress, ar­ti­choke hearts, mint, fen­nel, feta etc, or used to make the pre­serve en­joyed by the char­ac­ter in­vented by the au­thor de­scribed in 9 Down (7) 11 Welsh _______; bu­colic item of fur­ni­ture (7) 17 A species of wild flower; one of the rab­bits in Water­ship Down; or, the film­maker noted for The Pi­ano (7) 18 Coun­try­side bird hunt­ing at night and dusk that can eat a mouse in one (4,3) 21 The _______ Cat; short story by Rud­yard Ki­pling about a polo match (7) 22 Re­sort on the Côte d’Azur that hosts an an­nual film fes­ti­val along the Croisette (6) 23 Nov­el­ist who wrote V (7) 25 Ro­man god of love (5) 27 Term for the weight car­ried by a horse as a hand­i­cap in a race (6) 29 __ _ _ _ Provo­ca­teur; lin­gerie com­pany co-founded by Joseph Corré, the son of Mal­colm McLaren and Vivi­enne West­wood, with his wife Ser­ena Rees (5) 30 __ _ _ _ _ _ Club; founded on the Tide­way in 1818, a row­ing club with mem­bers orig­i­nally hailed as “the Bril­liants” (7) 31 The _______; paint­ing by JeanFrançois Mil­let in the Musée d’Or­say (7) 34 Items at­tached to the tails of horses or ponies to sig­nal they kick (3,7) 38 Tra­di­tional Mex­i­can hat (8) 39 Say­ing stud­ied in paremi­ol­ogy (7) 40 Trac­tion de­vice at­tached to footwear for scal­ing icy rocks, cross­ing glaciers, as­cend­ing snow slopes and climb­ing frozen wa­ter­falls (7) 42 In­stru­ment re­lated to the tuba (7) 44 Ti­tle for a dis­tin­guished con­duc­tor (7) 45 Singer who won male artist of the year at the 2005 Clas­sic Brit Awards (6) 46 Au­thor whose Le Morte d’Arthur was re­worked with il­lus­tra­tions by artist Aubrey Beard­s­ley (6) 47 Per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of the fe­male soul de­picted as a woman with but­ter­fly wings; an al­le­gory of her love for 25 Down or Eros is told in Me­ta­mor­phoses (6) 51 — of an Or­di­nary Woman; novel by Ge­orgy Girl au­thor Mar­garet Forster (5) 52 Acro­nym used in a per­sonal ad to de­scribe a jovial per­son (1,1,1,1)

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