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‘Mil­len­ni­als have dig­i­tal in their DNA,’ says Jodi Davies. ‘They grew up in a world where tech­nol­ogy – dig­i­tal and so­cial shar­ing – was an es­tab­lished part of ev­ery­day in­ter­ac­tion.’ As a re­sult, there is no one in your work­place bet­ter equipped at find­ing dig­i­tal so­lu­tions to the prob­lems you’re fac­ing.

Deena is a per­fect case in point. Within a few weeks of start­ing her first grad­u­ate job when she was 21, she of­fered to help au­to­mate a bunch of tasks for a man­ager in a dif­fer­ent of­fice au­to­mat­ed­week and us­ingI foundover­her pro­gram­ming30 my­self forms called within skills.in­toa ‘I meet­ings with the lead­er­ship team for ad­vice on what we could do bet­ter,’ she says. Try this: Every­one likes a chal­lenge, es­pe­cially when they think they can find the so­lu­tion – so look at your Mil­len­nial col­leagues and see if there are things in the busi­ness that they can sim­plify or speed up us­ing tech. Track how they go about it and learn from their ap­proach.

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