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Ipro­pose women should get a cave of their own. It’s about time she had a quiet, serene space where she can es­cape the quag­mire of do­mes­tic chores. That never-end­ing set of ac­tiv­i­ties that has turned her life into ham­ster-onthe-wheel ex­is­tence.

I see a con­spir­acy here. While so­ci­ol­o­gists have val­i­dated a man’s need for a haven by coin­ing the term man cave which has now turned into a multi-mil­lion dol­lar busi­ness, what with home dé­cor com­pa­nies, home en­ter­tain­ment gi­ants and even toy stores cash­ing in on its allure, women on the other hand, have got the wrong end of the deal. For them, there is no es­cape from the te­dium of house work. In fact, if some re­searchers are to be be­lieved, women are ex­pected to find so­lace in it.

If you find that hard to be­lieve, read on. Ac­cord­ing to a re­search con­ducted by Florida State Uni­ver­sity some years ago ‘wash­ing up while prac­tic­ing ‘mind­ful­ness’ – a med­i­ta­tive tech­nique that fo­cuses on the present mo­ment – de­creased ner­vous­ness and en­hanced men­tal cre­ativ­ity.’

To me, this is hard to be­lieve. If there is any truth in this re­search, then we wouldn’t be in­vent­ing kitchen ap­pli­ances by the minute. In­stead we would be in a state of Zen be­cause of the long hours spent wash­ing, clean­ing and tidy­ing up, day in and day out. I rest my case. It is about time women had a cave of their own.

While the same home dé­cor com­pa­nies, home en­ter­tain­ment gi­ants and toy stores which fu­elled the man cave in­dus­try, pon­der over the rev­enue po­ten­tial of this propo­si­tion, I find in­spi­ra­tion in the sis­ter­hood of knit­ters we fea­ture on page 26.

These women prove that pur­suit of hap­pi­ness clearly lies in pur­su­ing a cre­ative ac­tiv­ity, not in owning a panic room of sorts that helps in pre­serv­ing their san­ity. As Mel Wil­son says in the ar­ti­cle, ‘When some­thing is whirling in my head, knit­ting helps me fo­cus, set­tles me down and re­laxes me a bit.’

Looks like knit­ting is her cave.

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