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1 Al fresco type of so­cial gath­er­ing de­picted in Pi­eter Bruegel the El­der’s The Har­vesters, Édouard Manet’s Le Dé­je­uner sur l’herbe and Claude Monet’s Lun­cheon on the Grass (6)

4 A typ­i­cally fra­grant hy­brid gar­den flower with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing a whiter shade of pale, black beauty, free­dom, ice cream, Na­tional Trust, peace and royal Wil­liam (3,4)

8 Fic­tion­alised in a play by Peter Shaf­fer, a clas­si­cal com­poser who wrote Apollo et Hy­acinthus when he was 11 and around 600 fur­ther com­po­si­tions through­out his ca­reer in­clud­ing Re­quiem (6)

14 Tra­di­tional Vene­tian boat; or, a type of aerial lift used to trans­port skiers to slopes, sim­i­lar to a ca­ble car (7)

15 Ma­jor river in South America which is home to the gi­ant ana­conda, river dol­phins and an en­dan­gered species of croc­o­dile; the name of one of the Wombles; or, linked with “Flow”, a song by Enya (7)

16 Nick­named the “Rus­sian Riviera”, a re­sort on the Black Sea that hosted the 2014 Win­ter Olympics (5) 17 Ac­tor whose film roles in­clude Win­ston Churchill in The King’s Speech, the ti­tle char­ac­ter in Mr. Turner and David Irv­ing in De­nial (5) 18 Nick­name of Wil­liam IV fol­low­ing his ser­vice in the Royal Navy (6,4) 19 Item of fur­ni­ture for sta­tionery, writ­ing pa­per etc such as a bu­reau, daven­port, es­critoire or roll-top (4) 21 The War of the ______; H. G. Wells novel adapted as a ra­dio episode by Or­son Welles and a film by Steven Spiel­berg (6) 22 In boxing, a pair of punches de­liv­ered in rapid suc­ces­sion with al­ter­nate hands, also called jab and cross (3-3) 24 Tom ______; Huck­le­berry Finn’s best friend in the tales by Mark Twain (6) 27 Young horse, pony, don­key, ze­bra or re­lated equine, one year or less (4) 29 Nov­el­ist and drama­tist whose The Forsyte Saga earned him the 1932 No­bel Prize in Lit­er­a­ture (10)

30 Ris­ing in the Chiltern Hills, an­other name for the River Ouzel; or, a muted green colour used for Scot­tish tweed, mole­skins, kilt socks and coun­try knits (5)

34 Struc­ture with a lantern room such as the one at Port­land Bill or the one sit­u­ated on Long­stone Rock for­merly looked after by Grace Dar­ling’s fa­ther (10) 36 Lover or col­lec­tor of teddy bears (10) 38 Com­bi­na­tion of veg­eta­bles/fruit, herbs, seeds, grains, nuts etc, tra­di­tional fare at a 1 Across, bar­be­cue or buf­fet (5)

39 In­stru­ment de­picted on the coat of arms of the Repub­lic of Ire­land (6,4)

41 Cov­er­ing 30 per cent of the world’s to­tal land area, a con­ti­nent with ap­prox­i­mately 4.4 bil­lion peo­ple (4)

43 Wil­liam Fox ______; au­thor of The Pen­cil of Na­ture who lived at La­cock Abbey, fa­mous for his con­tri­bu­tions to the in­ven­tion

of pho­tog­ra­phy (6) 45 Type of woollen ball used to dec­o­rate a straw bas­ket or bob­ble hat (6) 46 Or­na­men­tal el­e­ment in the shape of a pineap­ple, acorn, fleur-de-lis, ball or ar­ti­choke for a gate pier or cur­tain pole (6) 50 Frog and ____; se­ries of il­lus­trated books by Arnold Lo­bel (4) 51 An­other name for black di­a­monds (10) 53 Tools used for cro­chet­ing (5) 56 Fe­male re­la­tion, such as Lady Sarah Chatto to the Queen (5) 57 With corn­flower-like blooms, a plant re­lated to en­dive and radic­chio, pro­cessed as a caf­feine-free sub­sti­tute for cof­fee (7) 58 Il­le­git­i­mate son of a pri­est who wrote The Free­dom of Will (7) 59 Piv­ot­ing fur­ni­ture wheel; twin brother of Pol­lux; a star in Gemini; a beaver fur hat; or, a con­tainer for sprin­kling sugar (6) 60 Equine artist noted for il­lus­tra­tions in Coun­try Life, Muriel Wace’s Moor­land Mousie and Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty (7) 61 Or­gan­isms stud­ied in botany (6)


1 Parts of the items stud­ied/col­lected by an­ti­quar­i­ans and bib­lio­philes (5)

2 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek half hu­man, half horse crea­ture such as Ch­i­ron (7) 3 Nick­name of Mar­garet Thatcher (4,4) 5 Dig­i­tal rep­re­sen­ta­tions of fa­cial ex­pres­sions us­ing punc­tu­a­tion marks (9)

6 Land mam­mal known col­lec­tively as a crash; or, play by Eugène Ionesco (10)

7 Pas­tel pink, lilac, white or cream flower with a clove-like spicy scent, Matthi­ola in­cana; or, an eques­trian’s cra­vat (5)

9 Name of four rivers in the UK in­clud­ing the “great” and “lit­tle” (4)

10 Per­formed by tox­ophilites, one of the old­est sports still prac­tised (7)

11 The _______; Au­guste Rodin’s Le Penseur (7)

12 Wasp _____; bod­ily sil­hou­ette cre­ated with a very tight corset or gir­dle (5)

13 _____ the Horne; clas­sic ra­dio com­edy with Ken­neth Wil­liams, Hugh Pad­dick, Bill Per­twee, Betty Mars­den and oth­ers (5) 20 Tracks for ex­er­cis­ing race horses (7) 21 Lat­tice-shaped bat­ter cakes cooked in a spe­cial iron, eaten with syrup, cream, fresh fruit, berries etc (7)

23 The _____ Ba­bies; clas­sic novel for chil­dren by Charles Kings­ley (5)

25 With the cap­i­tal Palma, the largest of the Balearic Is­lands (7)

26 Mol­luscs in a class/group that in­cludes clams, cock­les, mus­sels and scal­lops (7)

28 _____ of the North; Gateshead sculp­ture (5)

31 Ves­sels stud­ied in phle­bol­ogy; or, streaks in cheese, mar­ble or wood (5) 32 1979 al­bum by Pink Floyd (3,4) 33 Rooms for art, dance, sculp­ture etc (7) 35 Me­dieval Ital­ian coin minted in sil­ver dur­ing the reign of Em­peror Henry VI (5) 37 Di­vided be­tween Haiti and the Do­mini­can Repub­lic, the sec­ond largest Caribbean is­land after Cuba (10) 40 Type of mytho­log­i­cal tree nymph; the king co­bra; or, an Ethiopian ba­boon (9) 42 Char­ac­ter por­trayed by Richard E. Grant in a film with Paul McGann as “I” (8) 43 Ship de­picted in a film star­ring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (7) 44 Moc­casin- or boater-like shoes (7) 47 Name of an ul­tra-triathlon event (7) 48 Quan­tity of bread baked at one time (5) 49 The trem­bling po­plar (5) 52 Tele­vi­sion pi­o­neer, one of the 100 Great­est Bri­tons ac­cord­ing to a BBC poll (5) 54 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of des­ig­na­tions given to ar­eas with high con­ser­va­tion value, such as Aver­s­ley Wood in Cam­bridgeshire (5) 55 The founder of Sto­icism (4)

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