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ACROSS 1 De­picted by Emma Thomp­son in a 1995 film, an artist as­so­ci­ated with the Blooms­bury Group whose no­table works in­clude por­traits of Lytton Stra­chey, E. M. Forster and Ger­ald Bre­nan (10) 6 De­rived from the Latin mean­ing “dol­phin”, a flower com­monly called lark­spur tra­di­tion­ally form­ing a herba­ceous bor­der with plants such as lupins, hol­ly­hocks and fox­gloves (10) 13 The _______; 1964 col­lec­tion of es­says by The Ma­gus and The French Lieu­tenant’s Woman author John Fowles (7)

14 Va­ri­ety of ed­i­ble Ja­panese mush­room grow­ing in clumps, served with foods such as miso broth, tofu, udon noo­dles, spring onions, pak choi etc (5)

15 Ital­ian city and port on the Adri­atic near the bor­der with Slove­nia; cap­i­tal of the Fri­uli-Venezia Gi­u­lia re­gion (7)

16 Un­der­ground type of stem or rhi­zome in the form of a potato, cas­sava, taro or yam; or, the root of the dahlia (5)

17 Dubbed as the “ad­ven­ture sports cap­i­tal of Switzer­land”, a town in the can­ton of Bern be­tween the lakes of Brienz and Thun, near the Jungfrau moun­tain re­gion (10)

18 ____ jacket; form of body ar­mour sim­i­lar to a bullet-proof vest (4)

20 Word link­ing with “blue” for a pas­tel shade (one of the Pan­tone colours), or with “bak­ing” for an in­gre­di­ent used to make scones, soda bread or naan (6)

21 Foot­baller who has cap­tained England 23 times, who swapped Old Traf­ford for Good­i­son Park ear­lier this year in his re­turn to Ever­ton (6)

23 ______ Head; sit­u­ated 58O north be­tween Thurso and John O’Groats, the most northerly point of the UK main­land (6)

26 City, site of the Colos­seum, Trevi Foun­tain and the Pan­theon (4)

28 Code of bowls played on a grassy sur­face with a raised cen­tre (5,5) 29 Film di­rec­tor whose pro­duc­tions in­clude

Cathy Come Home, Kes, My Name Is Joe and I, Daniel Blake (5)

33 A per­son who does not par­tic­i­pate in the sport in­volv­ing breast­stroke, back­stroke, but­ter­fly or front crawl (3-7) 35 The art of en­grav­ing on wood (10) 37 _____ Tri­anon; château in the grounds of the Palace of Ver­sailles orig­i­nally meant for Madame de Pom­padour that was later given to Marie An­toinette (5) 38 Breed­ing, rear­ing and care of birds (10) 40 Greek god­dess of youth, cup­bearer of Olym­pus; a plant na­tive to New Zealand; or, the pro­tag­o­nist in Mary Wes­ley’s Har­ness­ing Pea­cocks (4) 42 Young cat, beaver, rab­bit or squir­rel (6) 44 Ab­bre­vi­ated name for Europe’s tallest, mostac­tive vol­cano (2,4)

45 Cen­taur killed by Her­cules with a poi­soned ar­row, who was in turn killed by his con­tam­i­nated blood (6) 49 A fork, rake, har­row or antler prong (4) 50 Gon­dolier’s tra­di­tional folk song; or an op­er­atic form per­formed in Jac­ques

Of­fen­bach’s Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour (10) 52 Ac­tress noted for her roles in A Fam­ily at War, Open All Hours, A Very Pe­cu­liar Prac­tice and

Cracker (5) 55 Ac­tor whose roles ranged from King Lear to the voice of Padding­ton Bear (7)

56 Word link­ing with “grain” for a va­ri­ety of bread made from a mix­ture of ce­re­als and baked with a top­ping of seeds (5)

57 Ref­er­ence book on the ge­neal­ogy of the Bri­tish aris­toc­racy, such as one pub­lished by Burke’s or De­brett’s (7)

58 Plant with ed­i­ble flow­ers, used as a com­pan­ion to run­ner beans, cab­bages, kale and other bras­si­cas (10)

59 Fic­tional city, home of Su­per­man (10)


1 _____ to _____; long-dis­tance walk be­tween St Bees and Robin Hood’s Bay that was de­vised by Al­fred Wain­wright (5)

2 Spec­trum of colours caused by the sun’s light re­flected and re­fracted through wa­ter droplets in the at­mos­phere (7)

3 Net­work with the World Wide Web sys­tem in­vented by Tim Bern­ers-Lee (8)

4 Part of the leg of an equine an­i­mal be­tween the sti­fle and hock (6)

5 Dec­o­ra­tive panel or arch of wrought iron­work crown­ing a gate­way (9)

7 1995 French film star­ring Gérard Depar­dieu and Vanessa Par­adis (5)

8 Author, il­lus­tra­tor and my­col­o­gist who in 1902 self-pub­lished her first book, The Tale of Peter

Rab­bit (6) 9 Greek god­dess, per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of the phe­nom­e­non de­scribed in 2 Down (4)

10 Glu­cose-reg­u­lat­ing hor­mone pro­duced in the islets of Langer­hans, a lack of which can cause type 1 di­a­betes (7)

11 Suri­cate liv­ing in groups known as mobs or gangs in the Kala­hari Desert (7) 12 Bread made with a “starter” mix­ture (9) 19 Set of items stored in a can­teen (7) 20 Root veg­etable of­ten roasted with pota­toes or served with puy lentils and wa­ter­cress or grated into re­moulade (7) 22 Public _____; wanted/no­to­ri­ous crim­i­nal (5) 24 Rules gov­ern­ing the sys­tem of a lan­guage, in­clud­ing those stated in mor­phol­ogy, syn­tax, pho­net­ics, phonol­ogy and se­man­tics (7)

25 Small land­locked coun­try in the Pyre­nees which is a par­tial tax haven (7)

27 Artist fa­mous for his Wa­ter Lilies se­ries and de­pic­tions of his Giverny gar­den (5) 30 Fruit used for char­lotte and cider (5) 31 Physi­cist who de­vel­oped the wave the­ory of light, de­scribed the shape of Sat­urn’s rings and dis­cov­ered Ti­tan (7)

32 Founded in 2006, a so­cial-net­work­ing site recog­nised by its blue bird logo (7) 34 Pen name of the novelist who wrote The Mill

on the Floss and Mid­dle­march (5) 36 An in­sect stud­ied in lep­i­dopterol­ogy (9) 39 Two-wheeled ve­hi­cle for rid­ing over chal­leng­ing off-road ter­rain (5,4) 41 1859 book by Sa­muel Smiles (4-4) 42 The _______ Di­aries; Nigel Slater book (7) 43 Biomes char­ac­terised by per­ma­nently frozen sub­soil (7) 46 A film with Daniel Craig as Bond (7) 47 Wood used to make many fur­ni­ture pieces by Thomas Chip­pen­dale (6) 48 Mrs ______pot; char­ac­ter in the chil­dren’s books by Alf Prøy­sen based on the ad­ven­tures of an old lady who shrinks (6) 51 The Welsh name for Wales (5) 53 Maslow’s hi­er­ar­chy of _____; a the­ory of mo­ti­va­tion in psy­chol­ogy (5) 54 Coun­try in which the Inca Trail to Machu Pic­chu is lo­cated (4) A sudoku grid has a 9x9 grid that is fur­ther sub­di­vided into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve the puz­zle, each of the rows, col­umns and 3x3 boxes should con­tain all the dig­its from 1 to 9. The so­lu­tion to this puz­zle will be pub­lished in next week’s is­sue. So­lu­tions will be given next week. The last date for en­tries is Septem­ber 26. The win­ner of this crossword will be an­nounced on Oc­to­ber 6. The win­ner of the Septem­ber 8 crossword is

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