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MARK I had no idea what to ex­pect from this class. There were no bikes in sight, just some weighted bags, or pois. De­rived from Maori tribal move­ment in New Zealand, the class in­volves spin­ning the pois in rhyth­mi­cal pat­terns. As I had a one-to-one ses­sion at the Fridge in Alserkal Av­enue, my in­struc­tor Ara talked me through the ses­sion. First it was my core warm-up with a gi­ant hula hoop. I was quite im­pressed with my­self as I man­aged quite a good spin. Un­der the in­struc­tion of Ara I man­aged to get the hoop up to my chest and back down to my hip. Next, I chose my pois. Af­ter set­ting the cor­rect length, I started spin­ning. I was cau­tioned that I would hit my­self and I did. As soon as I started a sim­ple cross­over, I whacked my face. Re­gain­ing my rhythm I had a sec­ond try. As I was get­ting a hang of it, Ara asked me to try the dou­ble cross­over. It’s a tricky move be­cause you will strike your own head sev­eral times. Af­ter a few at­tempts I got it. Much to the sur­prise of my in­struc­tor, I man­aged three dif­fer­ent moves in my first les­son. Not the most stren­u­ous class I have done, but the con­cen­tra­tion and co­or­di­na­tion is chal­leng­ing and re­ally good fun. I’d love to go back for a group ses­sion. TRY IT YOUR­SELF

Where: The Fridge, Alserkal Av­enue

Price: Four classes are Dh440. If you sign up with a friend, it’s Dh400 per per­son.

To book: Email rana@flow­ground.com or visit flow­ground.com/ class/poi-new.

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