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SHOW Beauty Lux Vol­ume Sham­poo Dh175

As well as smelling ab­so­lutely di­vine, this sham­poo con­tains clever wheat pro­tein based copoly­mers. They lit­er­ally lift hair up from the root, act­ing a bit like scaf­fold­ing, mak­ing fine hair look more vo­lu­mi­nous and full. It also con­tains caviar and white truf­fle ex­tracts, which not only add to the luxe ef­fect of this sham­poo, but are also bril­liant con­di­tion­ing agents.

Grown Al­chemist Vo­lu­mis­ing Sham­poo Dh195

This bril­liant brand strips out harm­ful in­gre­di­ents and only in­cludes those that are or­ganic and nat­u­rally de­rived. The ge­nius be­hind this sham­poo is that it uses pos­i­tively charged guar gum that nat­u­rally op­poses our neg­a­tively charged hair, mak­ing the hair shafts stand up (don’t worry – you won’t look like you’ve been elec­tro­cuted!) and hence your hair ap­pears fuller.

Christophe Robin Re­gen­er­at­ing Sham­poo with Prickly Pear Oil Dh110

Prickly pear oil may not be one that you are overly fa­mil­iar with. How­ever, this sham­poo is about to change that be­cause it’s packed with the stuff and for very good rea­son. Prickly pear oil con­tains very high lev­els of vi­ta­min E and es­sen­tial fatty acids. Vi­ta­min E is bril­liant at re­pair­ing skin, so on your scalp will help re­duce any in­flam­ma­tion and keep it mois­turised. The rea­son fatty acids are so valu­able is be­cause they help your hair re­tain mois­ture and stay flex­i­ble, keep­ing split ends and brit­tle hair at bay.

Crescina Re-Growth Sham­poo Dh199

Cre­ated by Swiss cos­metic lab­o­ra­tory, Labo Suisse, this sham­poo has been sci­en­tif­i­cally tested to pro­mote new hair growth and re­duce hair fall, mean­ing your hair will stay thicker for longer. It’s been proven to be true; it con­tains three very clever in­gre­di­ents – cys­teine, ly­sine and gly­co­pro­tein - which help stim­u­late hair growth at the root. A must-try for those with thin­ning and fine hair.

Ouai Vol­ume Sham­poo Dh103

This is packed with tamarind seed, a plant source of hyaluronic acid. If you’ve ever heard of hyaluronic acid for your face, then this does ex­actly the same for your hair and scalp; pump­ing it full of mois­ture. And hy­drated hair is eas­ier to get vol­ume into, and re­tain it, be­cause it doesn’t lose its shape so quickly. How­ever, there are also smart ker­atin pro­teins in this too, which bond to the hair, re­pair­ing any dam­age along the way.

Davines Oi Sham­poo Dh80

As well as all the in­gre­di­ents you need to get your hair se­ri­ously clean, this bril­liant sham­poo con­tains Ama­zo­nian roucou oil as its con­di­tion­ing agent. What makes this oil so great is that it is light­weight, so it won’t leave fine hair feel­ing limp, but also hy­drat­ing enough to keep frizz at bay and get even the thick­est of hair look­ing shiny again.

Sacha­juan Ocean Mist Vol­ume Sham­poo Dh145

Whilst this is pri­mar­ily a vo­lu­mis­ing sham­poo, it is so much more than that. All Sacha­juan prod­ucts con­tain their pro­pri­etary Ocean Silk tech­nol­ogy – a com­bi­na­tion of sea al­gaes that in­crease shine, add mois­ture and bring out the best in your hair. Be­cause this gets your hair truly clean and it adds in hair-boost­ing ben­e­fits, it means your hair can do what it nat­u­rally wants to do, in­stead of hav­ing to fight again limp-in­duc­ing bad in­gre­di­ents. And for most, that is to lift hair up at the root and look fuller through the lengths.

Color Wow Color Se­cu­rity Sham­poo Dh140

This sham­poo is de­signed specif­i­cally to keep your colour in place for longer and pre­vent it from dulling. How does it do this? Firstly, it doesn’t con­tain all the things that can strip colour away, such as parabens and sul­fates. They open up the hair shaft al­low­ing colour to es­cape, so if you spend time and money on your per­fect in-salon colour, it makes sense to pro­tect it at home with the right sham­poo. It also doesn’t con­tain any pearling agents. These are small beads of pearlised colour, which in other sham­poos make your hair look shinier af­ter one wash, but ac­tu­ally stick to the hair and over time make your hair dirt­ier. And that is not what sham­poo should be about.

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