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Cross­word and su­doku brain-teasers.


1 Painter from Suf­folk re­mem­bered for his land­scapes of the English coun­try­side in­clud­ing The Hay Wain, The Cornfield (The Drink­ing Boy), Ded­ham Vale and Sal­is­bury Cathe­dral From The Bishop’s Ground (9)

6 Un­der­ground parts of plants such as the crocus, dahlia, win­ter aconite, chion­o­doxa (glory-of-the-snow) snow­drop and nar­cis­sus (5) 9 Food made by nec­tar har­vested by bees, used to nat­u­rally sweeten ti­sanes, dress­ings, mari­nades, flap­jacks and glazes and many cakes around the world (5)

12 Gen­eral term for quan­ti­ties pro­duced by ma­chines, or for the data sent from com­put­ers to VDUs, print­ers etc (7)

13 Read­ing —; gen­eral name for a reg­u­lar so­cial gath­er­ing for a cir­cle of friends to dis­cuss books/lit­er­a­ture (5)

14 His­toric lux­ury car mar­que es­tab­lished in 1906 that was taken over by As­ton Mar­tin in 1947 (7)

15 With the world’s largest per­ma­nent dis­play at the Keuken­hof and used to sym­bol­ise per­fect or deep love, the na­tional flower of the Nether­lands (5)

16 The Coun­try Di­ary of an — Lady; il­lus­trated na­ture di­ary by teacher/artist Edith Holden that be­came a best-seller (9)

17 Fête-like com­mu­nity gath­er­ings with stalls, amuse­ments and ex­hibits of lo­cal gar­den­ing/ craft/cook­ery achieve­ments (5)

18 Root veg­etable with va­ri­eties in­clud­ing Désirée, Duke of York, Maris Piper, Jer­sey Royal and King Ed­ward (6)

19 Ca­pa­bil­ity Brown’s suc­ces­sor as Eng­land’s pre-em­i­nent land­scape gar­dener whose work can be seen at Dyrham Park, Cob­ham Hall, Lon­gleat Es­tate and Sher­ing­ham Park (6)

21 — for Strings; a move­ment form­ing Sa­muel Bar­ber’s String Quar­tet in B mi­nor, Op. 11 with mod­ern adap­ta­tions by Wil­liam Or­bit and DJ Tiesto (6)

25 Ab­bre­vi­a­tion of the month in which har­vest fes­ti­vals and “call­ing the mare” cer­e­monies take place (4)

27 Greek god of fire, black­smiths, crafts­men, met­al­work­ing and vol­ca­noes with the Ro­man equiv­a­lent Vul­can (10)

28 Any one of the blank white spa­ces in a cross­word to be filled with a let­ter (5)

31 Ge­o­graph­i­cal study of rivers (10)

33 Pas­try shells for fill­ings such as pâté, gravad­lax with soured cream, smoked sal­mon, caramelised ap­ple, cus­tard or soaked prunes (10)

35 — Rides; 1830 Wil­liam Cob­bett book (5)

36 King of the Swiss moun­tains over­look­ing Zer­matt; an em­blem for Alpin­ists which is one of the high­est sum­mits in the Alps (10)

38 Guy rope brac­ing a ship’s mast; or, part of a corset that was his­tor­i­cally con­structed from whale­bone (4)

40 The —; band who re­leased their first sin­gle Hand in Glove in 1983 (6)

42 Au­thor born Eric Arthur Blair in In­dia in 1903 who de­scribed his vi­sion of the fu­ture in

Nine­teen Eighty-Four (6)

43 Col­lie char­ac­ter in a novel by Eric Knight that was adapted into a film (6)

47 First cul­tured by Miki­moto Kō­kichi in 1893, a gem worn by a girl de­picted in a paint­ing by Jo­hannes Ver­meer (5)

48 De­vice com­bined with a loud­speaker for an in­stru­ment such as an elec­tric gui­tar (9)

50 Bod­ily or­gan con­tain­ing bil­lions of neu­rons con­nected to synapses; the core of the ner­vous sys­tem (5)

52 Ac­tor whose no­table roles in­clude Heath­cliff in Wuther­ing Heights (1939) and Maxim de Win­ter in Re­becca (1940) (7)

53 Span­ish word mean­ing “friend” (5)

54 Ei­ther of the two an­nual oc­ca­sions around March 20 and Septem­ber 23 when day and night are of equal length (7)

55 Cloth worn around the body to sup­port a baby; or, a type of cat­a­pult (5)

56 Word linked with “sauce” for a condi­ment such as HP or Dad­dies (5)

57 The largest ex­tant land an­i­mals (9)


1 Small plot of arable land; or, the ten­nis player who took over from An­neka Rice on Trea­sure Hunt (5)

2 Folded sheet of pa­per with a dec­o­ra­tive de­sign for short mes­sages, usu­ally sold in a pack or set (7)

3 In­stru­ments form­ing part of a jazz band; the cries of the an­i­mals stated in 57 Across; or, the coro­nas of daf­fodils (8)

4 Gen­eral name for a con­tainer that can be in the form of a creel, ham­per, pan­nier, pun­net, seedlip, skep or trug (6)

5 An­glo- Ir­ish au­thor whose nov­els in­clude Let­ters for Lit­er­ary Ladies, Cas­tle Rack­rent and Tales of Fash­ion­able Life (9)

6 Per­son who writes life sto­ries (10)

7 Ital­ian painter whose works can be seen in the Bran­cacci Chapel, Florence (5)

8 Greek god­dess of the moon (6)

9 Novel by the au­thor of About a Boy (4,8)

10 Known as the Green City, the cap­i­tal of Guangxi in south­ern China (7)

11 The Tower po­etry col­lec­tion au­thor (5)

18 Travel IDs of a kind not needed by the Queen (9)

20 An an­i­mal writ­ten about in a ru­ral novel by Henry Wil­liamson (5)

22 Build­ing or por­tico with eight col­umns, such as the Parthenon (9)

23 Nat­u­ral­ist who in­spired Lenny Henry’s “grap­ple me grapenuts” catch­phrase (7)

24 Coastal body where the river meets the sea, and fresh and salt wa­ter mix (7)

26 Char­ac­ter por­trayed by string in­stru­ments in a suite by Prokofiev (5)

29 Tri­an­gu­lar fab­ric piece sewn into a skirt to make it flared or “swooshy” (5)

30 Lit­tle farm/plot for self-suf­fi­ciency (12)

32 Nick­name of the train Ger­ald in Wil­bert Awdry’s The Rail­way Se­ries (5)

34 Welsh county, largest town Aberys­t­wyth, site of Cardi­gan Bay (10)

37 An ace shot in golf (4-2-3)

39 Ar­chi­tect and drama­tist who de­signed Cas­tle Howard and Blen­heim Palace with Ni­cholas Hawksmoor (8)

41 Grand duke of Mus­covy 1462–1505, known as “the Great” (4,1,1,1)

44 The long­est river in Ire­land (7)

45 Only cap­i­tal city be­gin­ning with “Z” (6)

46 — Lon­don; con­tem­po­rary arts fair held an­nu­ally in Re­gent’s Park (6)

47 The —; sea­son of an­nual con­certs first in­sti­tuted by Henry Wood in 1895 (5)

49 In­stru­ment with keys his­tor­i­cally made from ebony and ivory (5)

51 Largest of the Cy­clades isles (5) SUB­MIT YOUR EN­TRY WITH YOUR CON­TACT DE­TAILS to Fri­day, PO Box 6519, Dubai, UAE or email them to gnppro­mo­tions@gulfnews.com. Win­ners need to col­lect their prize from the Gulf News Dubai of­fice. De­tails are sent to win­ners via email. En­tries are open to ev­ery­one, but win­ners have to be UAE res­i­dents.

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