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QI’m a 45-year-old male and have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing a con­tin­u­ous hum­ming sound in my ear for nearly a year. I don’t hear it when I’m busy but is more pro­nounced when there is si­lence.

ANoise lev­els have in­creased man­i­fold in re­cent years – in shops and restau­rants, in schools and at work, on trains and planes and even in the coun­try­side. Au­di­tory ex­perts fear we are head­ing for a tin­ni­tus time bomb. Tin­ni­tus in­volves the an­noy­ing sen­sa­tion of hear­ing sound when no ex­ter­nal sound is present. Tin­ni­tus may be present all of the time, or in­ter­mit­tently. Com­mon causes of tin­ni­tus are age-re­lated hear­ing loss, ex­po­sure to loud noise, ear­wax block­age, oto­scle­ro­sis (stiff­en­ing of the bones in mid­dle ear). Me­niere’s dis­ease (an in­ner ear dis­or­der), stress, head or neck in­juries, ath­er­o­scle­ro­sis, high blood pres­sure, cer­tain an­tibi­otics and di­uret­ics can also cause ear ring­ing.

To treat your tin­ni­tus, your doc­tor will first try to iden­tify any un­der­ly­ing, treat­able con­di­tions that may be as­so­ci­ated with your symp­toms. How­ever, in many cases, the cause of tin­ni­tus is never found.

Ayurvedic medicines and oil ther­a­pies such as Ab­hyanga, Siro dhara, Nasya, Sirovasthy, Karna poorana and Ka­bala could help Tin­ni­tus.

Con­sult an ayurvedic prac­ti­tioner for a de­tailed di­ag­no­sis. The fol­low­ing can also be tried:

Try ap­ply­ing ksheer­a­bala thailam or sesame oil for scalp be­fore shower.

Re­duce your ex­po­sure to loud noises. Try not to worry about tin­ni­tus. The more you worry and con­cen­trate on the noise, the louder it will be­come. In a quiet setting, mask tin­ni­tus with the sound of a fan or soft mu­sic.

Stress man­age­ment, through mas­sages, med­i­ta­tion, ex­er­cise or yoga, may pro­vide some re­lief.

De­crease salt in­take.

Avoid long spells in front of com­puter or on tele­vi­sion screens.

DR VL SHYAM is a Dubai-based Ayurveda prac­ti­tioner

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