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I would like to see lots and lots of hap­pi­ness and have lots of friends in 2018. I have al­ready gone through a year of suf­fer­ing with­out friends. I don’t want to suf­fer any­more. Aysha Af­sheen

I would like to see a world at peace that is united in all fronts in 2018. May peace, com­mu­nal har­mony, so­cial re­spon­si­bil­ity, hu­man­i­tar­i­an­ism and jus­tice to mankind pre­vail every­where. Vi­neetha Sasikant

With all my heart, all I’d want to see in 2018 is zero driv­ing fines! There’s noth­ing that could make me hap­pier than this. Abaan Ahamad

In 2018, I would like to read only good news about the en­tire world. Let there be only peace and hap­pi­ness the en­tire year for ev­ery­one. Priti Vyas

I would like to see more equal­ity across all walks of life. Ali­son Rego

I wish to see job op­por­tu­ni­ties for all those who are hunt­ing for a job in 2018. Those of us in UAE are blessed that we are sel­dom af­fected by nat­u­ral catas­tro­phes. But in 2017 the world did see some of the dead­li­est earth­quakes, hurricanes and flood­ing. I hope peo­ple around the world will be more safe and se­cure in 2018. I wish ev­ery­one peace, good health and hap­pi­ness in the new year. Suni John

No VAT, less traf­fic on the roads, more job op­por­tu­ni­ties and pros­per­ity around the globe. Fa­tima Suhail

Ev­ery year in the month of De­cem­ber, we take a look back at how the whole year went by, our per­sonal lives and of those around us and ev­ery­thing that hap­pened in the world all over. In 2017, thou­sands of in­no­cent lives were lost, peo­ple were in­jured and mil­lions were left home­less. Although the rea­sons be­hind th­ese were many, for the com­ing year, I would want peace all over the world. A reestab­lish­ment of the ar­eas that were de­stroyed, a new home for peo­ple liv­ing in camps, in the ex­treme weather and in the worst of con­di­tions. Apart from this, an­other thing that I would want to see is the in­crease in the level of ed­u­ca­tion. There are many places all over the world that are not in the favour of es­pe­cially women get­ting ed­u­cated, de­spite the tech­nol­ogy and new de­vel­op­ments around us. There has to be a change in this if we want to get further ahead of where we are. The last wish that I have for the com­ing year would be the de­crease of hunger lev­els and poverty in the world. For peo­ple to have more than they have wished for. And with this, I would want to start my year. Happy new year to ev­ery­one! Sa­dia Mohsin


I would like to see peace in the world in 2018, es­pe­cially in coun­tries like Saudi Ara­bia, Ye­men, In­dia and USA. There has been a lot of blood­shed through­out 2017; as I write this story there is news re­gard­ing a blaze in In­dia. I wouldn’t like to see a lot of blood­shed or vi­o­lence in 2018, in­stead, world peace and hap­pi­ness. Sara Shailesh Joshi

I would like to see my fam­ily hap­pier and more pros­per­ous in the year 2018 than the year 2017. Muthuku­maran Ja­yara­man

There are a lot of things to be seen in 2018. But the most im­por­tant is to see my son get good marks in his fi­nal ex­ams. Ritu Sood

Wish 2018 can bring more hap­pi­ness and peace to chil­dren around the world.

Wish chil­dren every­where can en­joy their child­hood, be free of vi­o­lence of any kind. Wish them yo get a peace­ful home and ed­u­ca­tion so that the world later would be a bet­ter place for fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. Bala Sada­si­van

2018 has to be a year where: Ev­ery­one is happy Every­where there is peace and har­mony Ev­ery­thing is val­ued Ev­ery­body is healthy and rich Good­bye 2017, 2018 will be an year of ev­er­last­ing hap­pi­ness, peace, har­mony, health and rich­ness. Veena Satyanathan

A bet­ter World. A bet­ter Life. A bet­ter ME. Anu­pama Sagith

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