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1 Best-sell­ing novelist of all time who penned the Her­cule Poirot and Miss Marple nov­els as well as the world’s long­est-run­ning play – The Mouse­trap (8)

5 Slow-en­ergy-re­lease ce­real grains used for flap­jacks, bircher muesli, cranachan, crum­ble top­pings, por­ridge, Hob­nobs, di­ges­tive bis­cuits and gra­nola (4)

8 Shrub in the genus Cor­nus with the cul­ti­var “mid­win­ter fire” grown for its bril­liant, flame-red-coloured stems in the au­tumn and fol­low­ing months (7)

13 Method of as­cend­ing on skis; a stitch for em­broi­der­ing dec­o­ra­tive edges or one for knit­ting blan­kets and scarves; or, a clas­sic weave for tweed cloth (11)

14 English city, home to one of the world’s old­est uni­ver­si­ties and a river where the Bumps races take place twice a year over sev­eral days (9)

15 One of the main types of subter­ranean stem of plants in the catch-all group known botan­i­cally as cryp­to­phytes (7) 16 Of­fi­cial ex­hi­bi­tion that was held to show­case the works of the mem­bers of the Académie Royale de Pein­ture et de Sculp­ture (French Acad­emy) (5)

17 De­picted in an opera by Gil­bert and Sul­li­van, the Greek dra­matic poet con­sid­ered the founder of tragedy (7)

18 French artist whose Le Bon­heur de Vivre (The Joy of Life) was once owned by Gertrude and Leo Stein and is con­sid­ered to be his great­est Fauve paint­ing (7)

20 Lit­tle _____; small yel­low-footed heron with long white crest plumes that de­velop dur­ing its breed­ing sea­son (5)

21 Prickly wild flower with tiny laven­der-coloured blooms vis­ited by bees in the sum­mer and by goldfinches when seed­ing in the au­tumn/win­ter (6)

26 Po­ems/songs usu­ally about lovers part­ing at dawn such as John Donne’s The Sun Ris­ing but with ex­cep­tions such as one writ­ten by Philip Larkin (7) 29 County split into five metropoli­tan dis­tricts – Brad­ford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wake­field (4,9)

32 Es­capism, rest, peace or en­joy­ment through restora­tive ac­tiv­i­ties – yoga, read­ing, cook­ing/ din­ing, low-im­pact ac­tiv­i­ties, dog walk­ing, easy cy­cling... (10)

33 In­for­mal term for the ve­hi­cles raced at Isle of Man TT (10)

37 Em­pir­i­cal mea­sure for de­scrib­ing wind in­ten­sity based on con­di­tions ob­served on the open sea (8,5)

39 Liver­pudlian drama­tist who wrote Ed­u­cat­ing Rita, Shirley Valen­tine, Blood Broth­ers and Our Day Out (7)

40 Cream-filled choux pas­try puff rather like an elon­gated prof­ite­role (6)

42 _____ Palace; sit­u­ated on the Tay, the crown­ing place of Scot­tish kings in­clud­ing Mac­beth and Robert the Bruce (5)

44 Cat­a­clysmic tidal wave caused by abrupt earthquake ac­tiv­ity or vol­canic erup­tion on the

ocean floor (7)

50 _______ Club; with 124 Olympic and three Par­a­lympic medals, the world’s most suc­cess­ful row­ing club (7)

51 Pas­sage be­tween seats in a cinema, the­atre, air­craft, pews in a church or su­per­mar­ket shelves (5)

52 De­picted in Wil­liam-Adolphe Bouguereau’s Orestes Pur­sued by the Fu­ries, the col­lec­tive name for the Greek deities cor­re­spond­ing to the Ro­man Di­rae (7)

54 Parts of com­mon math­e­mat­i­cal log­a­rithms after the dec­i­mal points (9)

55 Form of pot­tery such as maiolica (11)

56 Near-threat­ened whale known as the uni­corn of the sea be­cause of its tusk (7)

57 Cloth or knit­ted cover for keep­ing a pot of tea or boiled egg hot (4)

58 Wood­land, park­land and gar­den flower, of­ten the first sign of life after the win­ter and thus a har­bin­ger of spring (8)


1 An­cient Ro­man mil­i­tary unit, six cen­turies or one-tenth of a le­gion (6)

2 Form­ing a nat­u­ral bor­der be­tween Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, the moun­tain that in­spired Arthur Co­nan Doyle to write The Lost World (7) 3 One of the coun­ties in Con­nacht (5)

4 Ar­rival of the Moon into Earth’s shadow in an eclipse; or, the Sun’s en­trance into a con­stel­la­tion or part of the sky (7)

6 A per­son who stud­ies Mars (10)

7 A par­ry­ing po­si­tion in fenc­ing (7)

8 Cot­ton fab­ric orig­i­nally used to make bus­tles; or, a Far­row & Ball paint colour (6)

9 _________ World; hor­ti­cul­tural se­ries with the cur­rent head pre­sen­ter Monty Don (9)

10 Mytho­log­i­cal Greek king of Thebes who solved the Sphinx’s rid­dle (7)

11 Al­ways Pack a Party _____; style book by fash­ion writer who left NYC for the Cotswolds, Amanda Brooks (5)

12 In­spec­tor _____; Colin Dex­ter’s beer- and cryptic-crossword-lov­ing char­ac­ter (5)

19 Ty­po­graph­i­cal point­ing hand sym­bol (5)

22 Au­thor who wrote an au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal tril­ogy in­clud­ing Cider with Rosie (3)

23 ____ Isle; tra­di­tional knit­ting tech­nique (4) 24 Swift ae­rial de­scents per­formed by birds upon spot­ting prey or food (6)

25 Suit of ______; panoply for joust­ing (6)

27 Type of wood used for Kon-Tiki, the ad­ven­turer Thor Hey­er­dahl’s raft (5)

28 The sec­ond-largest planet; the “jewel of the so­lar sys­tem” (6)

30 ______ of the guard; Queen’s body­guards (6)

31 Loom for weav­ing belts/sashes, gui­tar/ camera straps, book­marks etc (5)

34 Type of ge­o­log­i­cal de­pres­sion; or, bowl in which pud­ding dough is steamed (5)

35 A col­lec­tive noun used for groups of fish­er­men, foxes or teenagers (4)

36 Car­ni­val of the An­i­mals com­poser (5-5) 37 Type of in­sect that of­ten ap­pears in A. A. Milne’s Win­nie-the-Pooh tales (3)

38 Ger­man artist who painted Win­ter Land­scape, Wan­derer above the Sea of Fog and Two Men Con­tem­plat­ing the Moon (9)

41 Per­son driv­ing with an L-plate (7)

43 Flat race such as the Ep­som Derby (7)

45 Moun­taineer and au­thor, fa­ther of Vir­ginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell (7)

46 The most ex­pen­sive prop­erty on a stan­dard Bri­tish Mo­nop­oly board (7)

47 Com­pound oc­cur­ring in coal tar (6)

48 For­mer GBBO judge pre­sent­ing the cur­rent se­ries Coun­try House Se­crets (5)

49 ______ in the Deep; song with lyrics by Arthur J. Lamb; or, an episode of Dad’s Army (6) 50 Fruit used to flavour gremolata, pos­set, Madeira cake, pan­cakes, mince­meat and beurre blanc (5)

53 _ ____ Why the Caged Bird Sings; one of Maya An­gelou’s au­to­bi­ogra­phies (1,4)

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