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Smile gen­uinely.

Don’t hide your hands be­hind your back or keep them folded across your chest. The first in­di­cates you have some­thing to hide while the sec­ond is a de­fen­sive pose and could be seen as threat­en­ing.

Be will­ing to lis­ten. If you ask a ques­tion, wait for the per­son to re­ply. It shows you value their opin­ion and are will­ing to lis­ten to them. Pro­vide them with think­ing space to for­mu­late their an­swer and re­ply to you be­fore ask­ing the next ques­tion.

In a party sit­u­a­tion, speak less and lis­ten more. You won’t be­lieve the num­ber of friends you can make just by be­ing a pa­tient lis­tener. But if there’s some­one who is a bore, find an es­cape route at the ear­li­est.

Ask open-ended ques­tions. For in­stance, in­stead of ask­ing ‘How was your week­end?’ ask ‘what did you do this week­end?’

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