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Cross­word and Su­doku brain-teasers.


11 “Painter of light” cham­pi­oned by John Ruskin; he was the son of a Cock­ney per­ruquier and cre­ated The Fight­ing Te­meraire and Norham Cas­tle, Sun­rise (6)

12 Old coun­try­side name for a prickly, ram­bling hedgerow shrub in the rose fam­ily bear­ing black­ber­ries in late sum­mer and au­tumn (7)

13 In­tro­duced to Eng­land by the Ro­mans, a tree with ker­nels used for cof­fee cakes, brown­ies, quiches, warm sal­ads or for pick­ling, Juglans re­gia (6)

14 Male red deer, five years or more (4)

15 The _________; re­ferred to by its cre­ator John Con­sta­ble as The Drink­ing Boy, a pas­toral land­scape paint­ing with a de­pic­tion of a lad, sheep and col­lie (9)

16 French trick-tak­ing game for two play­ers us­ing a pi­quet deck; or, the name of a chal­leng­ing bal­let po­si­tion (6)

17 Ac­cord­ing to Greek mythol­ogy, a river and god­dess of for­get­ful­ness (5) 18 _________ I; ris­ing to its high­est point at 26,545 ft, a mas­sif and ul­tra-prom­i­nent peak in the Hi­malayas which is one of the 14 eight­thou­sanders (9)

21 The fe­male of the don­key; or, linked with “spin­ning” for a de­vice in­vented by weaver James Har­g­reaves in 1770 (5)

24 Ab­bre­vi­ated name of a town on the French Riviera south-west of Nice and Cannes, site of the old fish­ing dis­trict La Ponche (2-6)

27 British ESA as­tro­naut and test pi­lot who fin­ished his 186-day Prin­cipia mis­sion work­ing on the In­ter­na­tional Space Sta­tion in June 2016 (5) 28 Di­rec­tor and screen­writer of The Mal­tese Fal­con whose grand­son starred in the 2016 film Ben-Hur (6)

30 White ____; novel by The Call of the Wild au­thor Jack Lon­don (4)

32 Scales or Bal­ance con­stel­la­tion; or, one of the three zo­di­a­cal air signs (5)

33 One of the rivers from which Pun­jab de­rived its name, along which a Bronze Age civil­i­sa­tion of some five mil­lion peo­ple flour­ished (5)

35 Take It from Here co-writer with De­nis Nor­den who was a team cap­tain on Call My Bluff and wrote the What-a-Mess se­ries of books for chil­dren (4)

36 Dutch por­trait artist born Pi­eter van der Faes in 1618; Prin­ci­pal Painter in Or­di­nary to Charles II, he cre­ated the Wind­sor Beau­ties col­lec­tion (4) 37 Coun­try in which Jamie Oliver’s lat­est tele­vi­sion cook­ery se­ries is set (5)

39 UK Min­is­ter for Health from 1945-51 who founded the NHS in 1948 (5)

40 Honorific ti­tle which is the fe­male equiv­a­lent of the male “Sir” (4)

41 Baroque com­poser noted for his Mes­siah and Wa­ter Mu­sic col­lec­tion (6)

43 One of the at­tributes of Ro­man love god Cupid with bow and quiver (5)

44 With grey-blue and pinky-buff plumage and feed­ing on acorns, hazel and beech­mast, a small

treecreeper-like bird of ma­ture wood­lands (8) 46 Restora­tion drama­tist who wrote The Or­phan and Venice Pre­serv’d (5)

48 De­picted in a paint­ing by Eve­lyn De Mor­gan, the daugh­ter of Priam given the gift of prophecy by Apollo (9)

50 Au­thor who cre­ated Win­nie-the-Pooh, Piglet, Eey­ore and hef­falumps, de­picted in Good­bye Christo­pher Robin (5)

54 Red ______; one of the Queen’s Beasts; a crea­ture on the na­tional Welsh flag (6)

55 _________ book; generic name for a dic­tio­nary, the­saurus or en­cy­clo­pe­dia (9)

58 Form of ten­ure in Orkney and Shet­land de­rived from the Norse le­gal sys­tem (4)

59 Philoso­pher who wrote Nausea (6)

60 Ital­ian who in­vented the ra­dio (7)

61 French style of typ­i­cally blue-and- white hor­i­zon­tal stripes for T-shirts (6)


1 The cap­i­tal of Hun­gary (8)

2 Golden ______; item used in quid­ditch (6)

3 Pair of shot peas­ants or grouse (5)

4 King of the fairies and con­sort to Ti­ta­nia in A Mid­sum­mer Night’s Dream (6)

5 ____ hitch; over­hand knot vari­a­tion (4)

6 Gabriel’s ____; writ­ten by En­nio Mor­ri­cone, main theme for the film The Mis­sion (4)

7 Known in French as thé dansant, a tra­di­tional type of af­ter­noon so­cial gath­er­ing with waltz­ing, fox-trot­ting, quick-step­ping and re­fresh­ments (3,5)

8 With a va­ri­ety woven in the Outer He­brides, cloth used for coun­try at­tire (5)

9 Known as gooseg­rass, stick­y­bud and robin­run-the-hedge, a scram­bling plant with seeds and stems of­ten cling­ing to clothes and dogs’ coats (8)

10 He­lena Bon­ham Carter’s for­mer part­ner who has di­rected a num­ber of movies star­ring Johnny Depp (6)

19 First let­ter of the Greek al­pha­bet (5)

20 De­scrip­tion of a flavour other than sweet, sour, bit­ter or salty (5)

22 In­for­mal name for Tas­ma­nia (5,4)

23 Horse _________; bear­ing ma­hogany-brown conkers in au­tumn, de­cid­u­ous trees of parks and vil­lage greens (9)

25 Team game de­picted in Thomas Hughes’ Tom Brown’s School Days (5)

26 An­i­mal known col­lec­tively as a zeal (5)

29 Anal­gesic de­rived from a poppy (5)

31 Lone wolf in The Jun­gle Book; or, an adult leader of a group of Cub Scouts (5)

34 A county noted for cream teas (5)

35 From the San­skrit mean­ing “seal”, hand ges­ture used in yoga or med­i­ta­tion with vari­a­tions in­clud­ing gyan and prana (5)

38 Units of three feet or 36 inches (5)

39 Dublin-born nov­el­ist who wrote The Last Septem­ber, The Death of the Heart and The Heat of the Day (5)

42 Board game played with two sets of discs known as darks and lights (8) 43 Words re­ar­ranged to form oth­ers in puz­zles or word games (8)

45 Spice de­rived from the bark of a tree na­tive to Sri Lanka used to flavour Chelsea buns, ar­lettes or por­ridge (8)

47 Strand used in needle­work (6)

49 Au­thor of the In­spec­tor Re­bus nov­els in­clud­ing Knots and Crosses, Hide and Seek and Strip Jack (6)

51 Ap­ple Inc. me­dia player (6)

52 _____ of the North; Gateshead sculp­ture (5) 53 Medic­i­nal or culi­nary plants writ­ten about by Ni­cholas Culpeper (5)

56 Great ____; catas­tro­phe de­scribed in

John Eve­lyn’s Di­ary that started in a bak­ery in Pud­ding Lane (4)

57 Crow-like bird known col­lec­tively as a build­ing, clam­our, con­gre­ga­tion, par­lia­ment and sto­ry­telling (4)

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