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Un­earth your best swing by study­ing turf cuts

Golf Digest Middle East - - Contents - BY JONATHAN BUCHANAN

What you can learn from your div­ots.

hen you hit an iron shot off the turf, you leave clues that in­di­cate a lot about the qual­ity of the shot. Grab your mag­ni­fy­ing glass and have a look, in­spec­tor.

First, be­fore you move, no­tice the lo­ca­tion of where you took a divot. It should be in front of the spot where you made con­tact with the ball. If it’s be­hind that point, your swing was slow­ing down through impact. Next time keep your hands mov­ing.

Now check the width. It should be uni­form and the same

Was your club­face. If it’s nar­row or in­con­sis­tent in width, the face wasn’t square at impact. You have to keep your body ro­tat­ing.

A deep, left­ward crater in­di­cates a pulled shot straight left or a slice to the right. Let your legs start the down­swing to shal­low and straighten the hole some (it should curve left at the end in­di­cat­ing the club worked back in­side after impact).

Look­ing at the turf doesn’t tell the whole story of your swing, but it’s a strong start to di­ag­nos­ing—and fix­ing—is­sues.

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