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The LPGA’s Be­len Mozo shows you how to warm up be­fore play­ing

Golf Digest Middle East - - Contents - BY RON KASPRISKE

The LPGA’s Be­len Mozo on a proper warm-up.

1 over­head squats

To prep sev­eral key mus­cle groups, mostly on the back­side of your body—ones needed to make an ef­fec­tive swing—hold a golf club over your head, and squat as low as you can un­til your arms be­gin to drift for­ward. Stop and hold the squat­ted pose for a sec­ond or two, and then stand up. Re­peat eight to 10 times, try­ing to im­prove your range of mo­tion as you go.

2 re­sisted lat­eral walk

Warm­ing up the muscles of the hips and thighs, par­tic­u­larly in a golf pos­ture, is key to a syn­chro­nised swing. And train­ing lat­er­ally helps prep the body for proper weight shift. Place a small re­sis­tance band across your legs as shown. Take lat­eral steps in each di­rec­tion, mak­ing sure the band stays some­what taut through­out the en­tire ex­er­cise. Do 10 to 20 steps in each di­rec­tion.

3 shoul­der cir­cles

Your shoul­der and up­per-back muscles are im­por­tant for gen­er­at­ing power and swing­ing on-plane. They also help you safely de­cel­er­ate the club at the end of your swing. To get them ready, grab a stretch band and ex­tend it across your back as shown. Make small cir­cu­lar mo­tions in each di­rec­tion with your arms ex­tended for 30 to 60 sec­onds. — ron kaspriske

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