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Stand closer to sim­plify your swing

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One small change for bet­ter chip shots.

Chip­ping isn’t com­pli­cated, but a lot of golfers make it so. One is­sue I see is that they stand too far from the ball, like they’re hit­ting an iron shot ( above, right). From there, the club swings around the body on a cir­cu­lar arc—good for the full swing but bad for chip­ping. That big­ger mo­tion makes you slow the club down be­fore impact for fear of hit­ting the ball too far. You wind up chunk­ing it.

To sim­plify things, get closer to the ball with the shaft more ver­ti­cal. Feel like the club­head is up on its toe ( above, left). This sets up a straighter swing path, with the club­face al­ways look- ing down the line you want to hit the ball, not ro­tat­ing open and closed. Plus, the swing will be shorter, so less can go wrong.

Try this rou­tine: First, step in with your back foot, di­rectly across from the ball and about 10 inches from it. Then, aim the club­face at your tar­get. Fi­nally, step in with your front foot— that’ll help set­tle your weight for­ward, where it needs to be through­out the swing. Make sure the shaft is lean­ing a bit to­ward the tar­get, and then it’s just a sim­ple brush back and through.

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