Can’t Chip? Look Here

For­get the swing. It’s all about the setup

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My sim­ple setup tips will elim­i­nate chunks or skulls. BY BUTCH HAR­MON

When I get stu­dents who com­plain about poor chip­ping, here’s where I go first: How far are they stand­ing from the ball? If you’re more than a foot away, you’re adding vari­ables that just aren’t nec­es­sary. The big­gest is­sue is, the club will tend to swing around your body, with the face fan­ning open ( top photo). It’s hard to hit a good chip from that po­si­tion.

Here’s a sim­pler way to go. Start with your back foot across from the ball, and get very close to it. That sets the ball po­si­tion back in your stance. Then, sole the club­head be­hind the ball, and aim the face on the line you want the shot to start. Raise the grip, so the shaft is more up­right. Fi­nally, put your front foot in po­si­tion—keep­ing the stance nar­row—and lean your weight and the grip a touch to­ward the tar­get. Now you’re ready to make a sim­ple backand- through stroke, hit­ting slightly down on the ball.

The key is get­ting the shaft more ver­ti­cal at ad­dress. That keeps the club­face look­ing at the tar­get as you swing back and through ( above) and pre­vents the club from veer­ing to the in­side. From this setup, it’s tough to hit the ball off line, or chunk or skull it. Why not keep it sim­ple?



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