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▶ We re­fer to our Hot List player testers as “robots with an opin­ion.” And when you hit a cou­ple thou­sand balls with some 200 golf clubs, there are bound to be a few that don’t strike your fancy. We sifted through 113,900 words of com­ments to find this se­lec­tion of quips about clubs that pro­duced some snarky re­marks dur­ing three days at Pine­hurst. driv­ers “If you hit enough balls, it might cause dam­age to your ears. Per­ma­nently.” “So closed I was con­vinced I was go­ing to hook it off my knee.” hy­brids “It hap­pens ev­ery year. I pick one up and hate the look. This is that one.” “It looks like a rep­tile. I’d buy this for a per­son I was play­ing against.” fair­way woods “Looks like it has a bro­ken an­kle at ad­dress. play­ers irons “These aren’t very for­giv­ing, and they feel even worse.” gi irons “Sounds like I’m hit­ting a rock. Time af­ter time.” sgi irons “Just aw­ful. Too much of ev­ery­thing.” wedges “Don’t be afraid of stick­ing it in the ground. You’re go­ing to do it re­gard­less.” “If you’re try­ing to lay the sod over it, you’ve found your club.” blade put­ters “This is the epit­ome of hell. If you hit it on the heel, toe or in the cen­tre, it’s not good.” mal­let put­ters “The sound is like break­ing plates.”

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