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the only thing more aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing than these clas­sic de­signs? all the putts you’re go­ing to make with them

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The only thing more aes­thet­i­cally pleas­ing than these clas­sic de­signs? All the putts you’re go­ing to make with them.

bet­ti­nardi BB SE­RIES ( 2018)

ver­dict The BB Se­ries is made from soft car­bon steel and fea­tures face milling that is softer than past BB mod­els. The blades are heel­toe weighted with less toe hang (BB1) and crowned toplines (BB29). A light- col­ored sight­line against the matte-black fin­ish is easy on the eyes, and an elec­tric-yel­low scheme on the sole of­fers a dis­tinct look.

com­ments ( L) I ap­pre­ci­ate the crafts­man­ship, the ma­te­ri­als and how the feel trans­fers to your hands. ( M) The neu­tral color is qui­etly pleas­ing. The sound off the face is metal­lic-like but muf­fled. It plays like it’s heav­ier, with the ball com­ing off the face faster than I ex­pected. ( H) It has a com­fort­ing, bal­anced feel and got the ball rolling nicely. It was del­i­cate in a good way. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict An in­tri­cate mul­ti­layer face is the big story here. A thin, stain­less-steel face plate with dozens of an­gled “hinges” cov­ers a soft- elas­tomer in­sert. To­gether they pro­vide a con­sis­tent, muted feel. At con­tact, the hinges flex, pro­duc­ing top­spin and roll in­stead of skid­ding. The re­sult is a bet­ter, more re­li­able per­for­mance re­gard­less of your stroke. The O-Works line of­fers plenty of op­tions, in­clud­ing tra­di­tional blades, heav­ier heads and wider mod­els with ex­tra off- cen­ter-hit for­give­ness.

com­ments ( L) Has a nat­u­ral align­ment at ad­dress. ( M) I like the soft feel. The top­spin comes off the face cleanly on short and long putts. ( H) It has a lively face. The ball jumps off. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict The five mod­els in this line all have a di­a­mond mill pat­tern on the face to min­imise vi­bra­tion. A close look re­veals an­other groove line milled in the mid­dle of each di­a­mond to help pro­mote for­ward roll. The blades are milled from 303 stain­less steel and of­fer op­tions with weighted sole­plates and var­i­ous hosel de­signs.

com­ments ( L) This is your tra­di­tional blade with a per­fect fin­ish. The align­ment line is spot on, and the put­ter gen­er­ates ideal sound and feel. ( M) I love that it’s heav­ily weighted in the head. The roll is straight and con­sis­tent. ( H) It has an easy feel that trans­lates into great touch and ac­cu­racy. Very bal­anced through the stroke—a true roll no mat­ter where I hit it. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

ping SIGMA G

ver­dict The Sigma G’s shapes are a con­flu­ence of past and present with a dose of mod­ern tech­nol­ogy. An in­sert with ath­letic-shoe­grade Pe­bax elas­tomer be­hind the face provides a soft feel without com­pro­mis­ing ball speed at im­pact. The face’s over­lap­ping groove pat­tern, with pre­cise vari­ances in depth, gives your off- cen­ter-hits a more cen­ter-like roll.

com­ments ( L) The bal­anced weight­ing gives me con­fi­dence on short and long putts. The in­sert has a smidge of give. ( M) Putts re­ally hold their line—I felt like I couldn’t miss. ( H) I found it easy to align with im­pec­ca­ble dis­tance con­trol, plus ter­rific touch and feel. This put­ter can com­pete with the best. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

ping VAULT 2.0

ver­dict A milled pat­tern on the face fluc­tu­ates in depth and pitch to in­crease ball speed on off-cen­ter hits. The mod­els vary in weight: Shorter-length put­ters fea­ture heads with tung­sten weights in the heel and toe that are heav­ier than stan­dard, and longer mod­els use weights that are about 15 grams lighter than typ­i­cal. There are five blade mod­els with matte-black, cop­per and plat­inum fin­ishes.

com­ments ( L) I like the fin­ish and con­trast­ing sight­line. The put­ter was on the heavy side but in a good way—very sta­ble. ( M) I love the cop­per color. The head pro­motes a good roll. ( H) The higher-pitch sound is sat­is­fy­ing, like the put­ter is talk­ing to you. Love the face and speed con­trol. It puts a good for­ward roll on the ball. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

tay­lormade TP COL­LEC­TION

ver­dict An in­sert com­bines soft poly­mer with 45-de­gree-an­gled grooves, in­creas­ing top­spin to pro­duce a quick-start­ing roll. A cal­i­brated milling process hones the shape of the cast 303 stain­less-steel body. Both of the heel-toe-weighted mod­els in­clude some form of sight­line to aid align­ment.

com­ments ( L) Looks clean and tight. Easy to line up. The in­sert is on the firmer side and gets the ball rolling. If you tend to leave your putts short, then you should look at this. ( M) A purist would love this: a great put­ter without the gad­gets. . . . You don’t have to take it back far even though the head is a lit­tle smaller than oth­ers in this cat­e­gory. It just works. ( H) The shape and fin­ish are very classy, and the weight­ing in the head makes it easy to get the ball rolling. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

titleist SCOTTY CAMERON SE­LECT ( 2018)

ver­dict Cameron put­ters have al­ways evoked the ar­ti­san prin­ci­ples of its de­signer, but the 2018 line takes a more tech­no­log­i­cal ap­proach. There’s 30 per­cent more vi­bra­tion-damp­en­ing ma­te­rial be­hind the 303 stain­less-steel face in­lays to aid dis­tance con­trol and pro­mote a softer feel and sound. Still, the crafts­man­ship is ap­par­ent. The pre­ci­sion milling on the toe, heel, front and back en­sures its mul­ti­ple-neck con­fig­u­ra­tions rest square at ad­dress.

com­ments ( L) It’s the gold stan­dard for a rea­son. It bal­ances soft­ness with re­spon­sive­ness and feed­back per­fectly. ( M) Per­fect bal­ance; sets up square. ( H) So clas­sic, like a vin­tage sports car or a great bot­tle of wine. The larger grip gives it more bal­ance. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict This year’s line of five blades uses ex­ten­sive milling and heel-toe weight­ing to achieve higher sta­bil­ity on off- cen­ter hits than most tra­di­tional blades. The put­ters—whose nam­ing con­ven­tions de­rive from Arthurian leg­end—are milled from 304 Ger­man stain­less steel for feel and per­for­mance and fin­ished in a “choco­late ganache” PVD or alu­minum ox­ide.

com­ments ( L) I like the mod­ern take on a Bulls Eye [Mer­lin model]. Sim­ple to align, the weight feels right, and it looks regal. ( M) You don’t have to hit it in the sweet spot to get a good roll. Ac­cu­rate on the short putts. ( H) I love the el­e­gant fin­ish—like old-school door han­dles. Rolls true with good feed­back on long putts.


ver­dict Made from 304 stain­less steel, the Hunt­ing­ton Beach de­liv­ers soft and en­hanced feel at con­tact. The bristly di­a­mond­shape milling pat­tern in­creases fric­tion for an im­proved and more con­sis­tent roll than past put­ters from this col­lec­tion. Thanks to the con­struc­tion, it can be cus­tomised to your stroke with a 5-de­gree range of lie an­gle and a 4-de­gree range of loft-an­gle bend­ing.

com­ments ( L) I love the deep milling on the face. It soft­ens im­pact, but the ball still gets to the hole. Like a down com­forter, the put­ter is com­fort­ing and re­as­sur­ing. ( M) I re­ally like the wider sole. It just feels more bal­anced and gets the ball rolling pure. ( H) The put­ter has a premium, re­fined look to it. The club­head is a lit­tle heav­ier than oth­ers. It feels solid, but I didn’t feel con­trol was an is­sue. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

cleve­land TFI 2135 SATIN

ver­dict The black-on-white raised sight­line helps with align­ment, re­gard­less of where your eyes are at ad­dress. How? Its height matches the height of the mid­point of the ball. Off-cen­ter-roll for­give­ness is a core sell­ing point. Each model’s nat­u­ral sta­bil­ity is com­ple­mented by spe­cific milling on the face for max­i­mum con­sis­tency. Be­hind the milled face is a ther­mo­plas­tic ure­thane in­sert, min­imis­ing vi­bra­tion for a soft feel at im­pact.

com­ments ( L) The face milling does a nice job of im­part­ing top­spin and elim­i­nat­ing skid­ding. ( M) It’s big for a blade. It per­forms well on off- cen­ter hits; face stays square. ( H) The more I look at it, the more I like it. The align­ment is the best part. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict Some com­pa­nies add weight to im­prove face bal­ance and con­trol, but de­signer David Edel re­moved mass from in­side the toe. The idea is to make the put­ter less vul­ner­a­ble to the twitchy forces of torque dur­ing the stroke. This weight re­moval is hid­den within the sole to pre­serve a con­ven­tional blade look at ad­dress.

com­ments ( L) The in­sert is amaz­ing. I love the elec­tric feel off the face and the roll it im­parts on the ball. The round grip is dif­fer­ent but in­ter­est­ing. ( M) The brass fin­ish and holes on the back are pretty cool. A lit­tle fu­tur­is­tic and very sta­ble on per­for­mance. ( H) It has a clean look at ad­dress. My dis­tance con­trol was good, and it has a nat­u­ral-sound­ing click at im­pact.


ver­dict The three mod­els come in chrome or black PVD fin­ishes and have the same ther­mo­plas­tic elas­tomer (TPE) found in the com­pany’s 0311 irons. Here, a piece of the TPE is be­hind the bil­let­milled 304 stain­less-steel face in­sert. This pro­duces a soft-sound­ing yet firm feel­ing at im­pact. Bod­ies are milled from stain­less steel with heel and toe weights made from ti­ta­nium and tung­sten for im­proved align­ment and higher mo­ment of in­er­tia.

com­ments ( L) It’s at­trac­tive and well-bal­anced. It re­acted the same even off the cen­ter. ( M) On shorter and medium putts, I was able to get the ball started on the cor­rect line ef­fort­lessly. ( H) It nicely bal­ances tra­di­tion and tech­nol­ogy. It gives me con­fi­dence at ad­dress. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict The com­pany’s famed Ri­fleS­cope Tech­nol­ogy align­ment— lin­ing the black por­tion of the shaft be­tween two white sight­lines to hide a red dot—con­tin­ues to be the pri­mary sell­ing point of its put­ters. These put­ters are milled from a se­lect grade of 303 stain­less steel for op­ti­mal feel. The se­ries in­cludes mod­els that are cen­ter­shafted or bal­anced to your swing plane.

com­ments ( L) The red-dot align­ment sys­tem is syn­ony­mous with SeeMore, and it makes per­fect sense. ( M) The heel-toe weight­ing func­tions well, and the black color ac­cen­tu­ates the eye line. Soft con­tact breeds a stroke in­stead of a hit. ( H) The align­ment aid takes get­ting used to, but you’ll know if your stroke is off im­me­di­ately.

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