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bulky, maybe, but they can im­prove your aim, make your misses roll true, even steady your stroke. time to see what you’re miss­ing

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Bulky, maybe, but they can im­prove aim, make your misses roll true, even seady your stroke. Time to see what you are miss­ing.

bet­ti­nardi BB SE­RIES

ver­dict Bet­ti­nardi put­ters are known for clas­sic shapes and oldschool feel, but these mal­lets also em­pha­sise for­give­ness and align­ment. Those hall­mark mal­let fea­tures in­clude the BB39’s over­size shape for max­i­mum sta­bil­ity and the dis­tinct align­ment bar atop the BB56, which puts more weight higher in the head to pro­mote a quicker end-over-end roll.

com­ments ( L) I like the matte fin­ish and clean align­ment lines. It has a nice, quiet roll off the face. ( M) It de­liv­ers a true roll that’s con­sis­tent from long range. Re­fresh­ing not to look down and see a bunch of screws or wings. ( H) The feel is the best part about this put­ter. It’s con­sis­tent and in­spires con­fi­dence. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict This line comes in solid col­ors (red or black), a de­par­ture from the white-black align­ment pat­tern of the past. Heel-toe weights are fea­tured on the sole for op­ti­mal bal­ance. All mod­els have Odyssey’s “mi­cro­hinge” face tech­nol­ogy, which com­bines a soft elas­tomer in­sert with a stain­less-steel layer fea­tur­ing pro­tru­sions that flex at im­pact to pro­duce top­spin.

com­ments ( L) Just fun to putt with. Even on mis-hits, the dis­tance con­trol is there. ( M) It’s si­lent but deadly. It has per­fect weight­ing. You draw the put­ter back, and it goes into auto pi­lot. ( H) I love the head shape and the slant neck. I know the new solid col­ors aren’t for ev­ery­one, but I like ’em. It’s well-bal­anced and rolls it great. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

odyssey EXO

ver­dict There’s more of an out­ward-fac­ing poly­mer in­sert on this Odyssey model to go with the hinge tech­nol­ogy seen on the orig­i­nal O-Works mod­els. The idea is to pro­vide the feel of Odyssey’s pop­u­lar White Hot in­sert and in­cor­po­rate the ben­e­fits of the new face tech­nol­ogy (im­proved ini­tial roll). There’s also a weight-sav­ing wire­frame look that cre­ates sta­bil­ity with mul­ti­ple ma­te­ri­als.

com­ments ( L) It felt light at im­pact, and the align­ment setup is in­cred­i­bly help­ful. It’s very easy for me to set it up and let it rip. ( M) The col­ors help me line it up. The feel off the face is per­fect— solid but not too hard. Great sound, too. ( H) It’s easy to aim. The in­sert lets you know when you make cen­tre con­tact.


ver­dict The line fea­tures clas­sic shapes—toe-hang mal­lets like the Port­land ( left) and the high-sta­bil­ity, car­bon-fiber-crowned In­di­anapo­lis. Mod­els fea­ture mul­ti­ple ma­te­ri­als, in­clud­ing milled 303 stain­less steel and lightweight alu­minum. The cus­tom-milled faces have a di­a­mond pat­tern to max­imise sound and feel.

com­ments ( L) The In­di­anapo­lis was a sur­prise. Stick with it, and you’ll find your stroke more smooth and bal­anced. ( M) The look of the Mem­phis is un­der­stated, but there’s tech­nol­ogy be­hind its plain looks. ( H) The In­di­anapo­lis looks mod but rolls like a clas­sic. The im­pact of­fers a nice click as op­posed to a dead thud. It rolled true, and the weight­ing made it easy to make a pen­du­lum stroke. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

ping SIGMA G

ver­dict Avail­able in six mod­els, each head is over­size to achieve max­i­mum perime­ter weight­ing. The in­sert—milled alu­minum backed by a re­silient elas­tomer—ra­di­ates a gen­tle feel at im­pact. The depth vari­ances in the milled face pat­tern help con­trol pace. Each put­ter can be tai­lored for a straight or slight-arc stroke.

com­ments ( L) Out­stand­ing dis­tance con­trol. Deadly ac­cu­rate on short putts. The face had the right amount of feed­back. Over­all, a very good put­ter. ( M) The align­ment aid makes it easy to square up the put­ter, and the fin­ish re­ally stands out. ( H) It even looks soft with the brushed fin­ish, and with the in­set, I felt like I didn’t have to al­ter my stroke to ac­count for it. It was nat­u­ral. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

ping VAULT 2.0

ver­dict Ping’s his­tory of fit­ting has al­ways in­cluded an ar­ray of put­ter op­tions for length and weight. That’s the case here. Shorter lengths have heav­ier tung­sten sole weights, and longer mod­els fea­ture lighter alu­minum weights. In­di­vid­u­ally milled face pat­terns vary in depth and pitch to en­hance off-cen­tre im­pacts.

com­ments ( L) I love the feel. The con­tact is so nat­u­ral, and the align­ment aid re­ally works. I felt in­cred­i­bly con­fi­dent stand­ing over the ball. ( M) Firm at im­pact, but it rolls end over end nicely. The lower pro­file frames the ball well. ( H) Amaz­ingly sta­ble. Align­ment ex­cep­tional. Kind of a point-and-shoot put­ter, with no ma­nip­u­la­tion re­quired. I couldn’t miss on short putts. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

tay­lormade SPI­DER

Sta­bil­ity is the pri­or­ity here, with 13 pieces or­gan­ised to push weight to the perime­ter for the ul­ti­mate in off- cen­tre-hit for­give­ness. A 12-groove Surlyn in­sert re­duces back­spin and in­creases the ball’s ini­tial roll. The Spi­der fam­ily ex­pands this year to in­clude the Arc, which fea­tures an alu­minum body and steel ring, with three sight­lines and a white cir­cle for align­ment.

com­ments ( L) It’s so easy to line up with the look of a mod­ern mal­let. ( M) There was no skid. The ball came off the face very nice. It looks like a rocket ship but sets square. ( H) It’s a work of art: It sounds and feels so good. Ev­ery­thing was go­ing in. I’d be a much bet­ter put­ter than I am if I had this in my bag. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

tay­lormade TP RED COL­LEC­TION

ver­dict The de­signs here seem well in line with tra­di­tional mal­let shapes where wings and cutouts pro­vide sta­bil­ity, but the face story is as mod­ern as it gets. An in­sert com­bines soft poly­mer with 45- de­gree an­gled grooves, in­creas­ing top­spin to pro­duce a faster, more pow­er­ful roll. The cast 303 stain­less-steel body in­cludes heel and toe weights for ex­tra for­give­ness.

com­ments ( L) Easy to lay down and set up. The white and red con­trast is nice. Good click, noth­ing hol­low about it. Got the ball rolling fast. ( M) The three lines and ball-shaped hole on the back of the Chaska make ev­ery­thing line up square. ( H) The best fea­ture is the roll off the face. It has a vel­vety feel, which I re­ally love. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict Cameron wanted to cre­ate a put­ter that looks like a mal­let at ad­dress but swings like a blade. To do that, the 5.5M uses a neatly hid­den neck slanted to­ward the face. This gives the put­ter a nat­u­ral bal­ance, typ­i­cal of a blade. A lighter 6061 alu­minum for the face-sole piece provides a soft feel, and a heav­ier 303 stain­less steel for the shell and back bumper in­creases for­give­ness.

com­ments ( L) The sound, feel and weight are in sync. ( M) I like that it has an in­dus­trial look. The fin­ish is ex­em­plary com­pared to sim­i­lar prod­ucts. It rolls the ball true, and dis­tance con­trol was ef­fort­less. ( H) Good dis­tance con­trol. A dif­fer­ent sound than Cameron’s blades, but ex­cel­lent feel, weight­ing and per­for­mance. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­


ver­dict Size is essen­tial in a mal­let, but this model uses vi­bra­tionsoft­en­ing ma­te­rial be­tween the face in­lay and head so feel isn’t sac­ri­ficed. The tra­di­tional mid-mal­let look of the Fast­back in­cludes a 6061 alu­minum face-sole in­lay to per­mit weight to be dis­trib­uted to the perime­ter for bet­ter for­give­ness.

com­ments ( L) The de­sign, fin­ish and lines ex­ude re­fine­ment. On short or long putts, the feel­ing off the face is very com­fort­able. ( M) Not a lot stands out other than the fact you’re go­ing to jar a lot of putts with it. The ball rolls out smooth and ef­fort­lessly. ( H) This put­ter doesn’t mess around. You set up, and it feels so good. You have con­fi­dence your putt is go­ing to go where you aimed.

blood­line RG-1

ver­dict Align­ment aids are prac­ti­cally uni­ver­sal in today’s put­ters, but Blood­line takes it to the ex­treme with a club that can (lit­er­ally) stand on its own: You set the club be­hind the ball and walk be­hind it to en­sure you’re on tar­get. It does all this without sac­ri­fic­ing feel. The ma­chined alu­minum face, body and hosel are bonded to a stain­less-steel sole­plate for a sharp, crisp touch at im­pact.

com­ments ( L) When I first picked it up, I thought the shaft was crazy. But af­ter try­ing it, I got it. The shaft trans­fers no vi­bra­tions when I hit the ball. ( M) Con­stantly good on short and long putts alike. ( H) Sets re­ally square. It takes the variable of align­ing the put­ter out of it. It al­most hits it for you.

cleve­land TFI 2135 SATIN

ver­dict A raised sight­line helps with align­ment re­gard­less of where you set up over the ball. This year’s line has four mal­lets and fea­tures a new high-con­trast color scheme to im­prove fo­cus dur­ing align­ment and stroke. Off-cen­tre hits roll bet­ter be­cause of the sta­ble head and a face-milling pat­tern tai­lored to each model. There’s a ther­mo­plas­tic-ure­thane in­sert be­hind the face to soften the feel.

com­ments ( L) I love the blue ac­cent. Soft and but­tery off the face, but still re­spon­sive. ( M) The align­ment aid nat­u­rally draws your eye and is pretty fool­proof to set up square. The head has a lit­tle weight to it, which I like. I can let the put­ter do the work. ( H) It sits per­fectly and has good feel for dis­tance putts. Demo this club at eGolf Me­ga­s­tore, or buy on­line at egolfmega­s­

wil­son IN­FI­NITE

ver­dict Named for Chicago land­marks and neigh­bor­hoods, these put­ters are de­signed to bring con­sis­tency to your stroke and bet­ter dis­tance con­trol. The 104-gram coun­ter­bal­anced grip and over­size heads of­fer sta­bil­ity with lim­ited ro­ta­tion dur­ing the stroke. The black-and-white con­trast and red ac­cents help you fo­cus at ad­dress, and the dark fin­ish re­duces glare.

com­ments ( L) Great roll off the face, and easy to align. The more putts I hit with it, the more I liked it. ( M) I wouldn’t over­look this put­ter. It has all the el­e­ments of the more well-known put­ter de­sign­ers. ( H) Jumps off the face and rolls true. Sub­stan­tial heft to it, and the align­ment is ef­fi­cient.

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