What does it do?

Mesother­apy treat­ment can be used to treat a va­ri­ety of skin con­di­tions and age­ing con­cerns. a cock­tail of re­jun­ve­nat­ing serums is in­jected just below the sur­face of the skin, us­ing fine nee­dles that just break the skin to de­liver the serums. This can help to re­ju­ve­nate the skin, and the ef­fect is sim­i­lar to that achieved by an ef­fec­tive fa­cial.

How long does the treat­ment last?

Results will vary from pa­tient to pa­tient, and also de­pend on how many treat­ments you have and which par­tic­u­lar prod­ucts are used.

Who is it suit­able for?

usu­ally any­one over 18 years old can re­ceive mesother­apy treat­ment, as the cock­tail of so­lu­tions can be tai­lored for dif­fer­ent skin types.

What are the risks?

In very rare cases, the skin might be red for a few days and pa­tients can ex­pe­ri­ence some bruis­ing. as with any treat­ment, it is also im­por­tant to en­sure you are see­ing a rep­utable prac­ti­tioner.

What ques­tions should you ask be­fore go­ing ahead?

Be sure to ask what prod­ucts are be­ing used and what to ex­pect from the treat­ment – the type of ap­pli­ca­tor can make a big dif­fer­ence in whether the treat­ment is painful and un­com­fort­able or not. also, ask if there is any ex­pected swelling or red­ness from your par­tic­u­lar treat­ment pro­to­col, so you can ar­range your ap­point­ments at a time when so­cial events are not a fac­tor.

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