Lack of self-con­fi­dence


Feel­ing shy can hap­pen to the best of us, as­sures Jaya Ramesh, aca­demic su­per­vi­sor of Global In­dian In­ter­na­tional’s pri­mary sec­tion, and in­creas­ing di­a­logue with your child is key to over­com­ing it. “ask your child what is wor­ry­ing them and en­cour­age them to share their fears. Make it a point to fix a time and place to talk to your child. Prais­ing your child on their ac­com­plish­ments and ac­knowl­edg­ing their ef­forts helps to boost their self­con­fi­dence, while role-play­ing a cer­tain sit­u­a­tion with your child can also help them feel more con­fi­dent in their han­dling of it.”

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