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Lo­cally based Stu­dio Niko Kapa has un­veiled de­signs for the Dubai Mar­itime Mu­seum and Re­search Cen­tre.

The cen­tre is an ar­ti­fi­cial underwater en­vi­ron­ment of some 41,200 square me­tres which has been or­gan­ised un­der an im­mense glass roof de­signed to en­sure max­i­mum views of the ocean and to in­ten­sify the feel­ing of div­ing down to the seabed.

In­te­rior spa­ces have been or­gan­ised through a se­ries of cas­cad­ing plat­forms, pro­vid­ing vis­i­tors with clear views of the open gal­leries which boast gen­er­ous heights.

The mu­seum’s col­lec­tion has been di­vided into cat­e­gories such as marine life, marine tech­nol­ogy, su­per­vi­sory ma­te­rial and in­ter­ac­tive ed­u­ca­tional and ex­per­i­men­tal ex­hibits, while pro­vi­sion is also be­ing made for aquar­i­ums, video pro­jec­tions and digital representations as well as underwater pho­to­graphic dis­plays.

Nat­u­ral light en­ters the main struc­ture through the glass ceil­ing and as the build­ing sinks, space nar­rows and the light’s in­ten­sity grad­u­ally re­duces, de­tach­ing the build­ing from the sur­face and mak­ing it part of the ocean.

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