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In­ter­na­tional bath­room spe­cial­ist Ge­berit is once again paving the way with the most in­no­va­tive and stylish de­signs. The com­pany’s lat­est de­sign coup has been ex­pand­ing its range of Rim­free WCs by four ad­di­tional mod­els, sup­ple­ment­ing the bath­room se­ries from Kera­mag and Kera­mag De­sign with ex­cit­ing ad­di­tional bonuses that im­prove easy care and hy­giene. With no rims, there are no more hid­den, dif­fi­cult to clean cav­i­ties, and the in­ner basin can eas­ily be kept spot­lessly clean. The new in­tro­duc­tions mean that al­most all bath­room se­ries now of­fer hy­gien­i­cally ad­vanced, rim-free WCs. In ad­di­tion, the Ren­ova Nr. 1 and Smyle se­ries have each been sup­ple­mented by a sec­ond Rim­free WC in pre­mium de­sign: ap­peal­ingly contemporary with a largely hid­den trap and open fas­ten­ing. The new wall-hung Cit­te­rio Rim­free wash-down WC pan com­bines the un­mis­tak­able, Ital­ian de­sign ap­peal of the ex­clu­sive bath­room se­ries from Kera­mag De­sign with the best pos­si­ble ease of care and hy­giene.

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