MUD Jeans is a sus­tain­able Dutch brand com­mit­ted to sup­port­ing ‘cir­cu­lar fash­ion’.

Its busi­ness model is based around leas­ing jeans to cus­tomers who, af­ter a year, can re­turn the item of cloth­ing for up­cy­cling or re­cy­cling.

The com­pany states: “The idea be­hind the pro­gramme is that we want to re­main the own­ers of the raw ma­te­ri­als, which means that we are re­spon­si­ble for the end of life of the prod­uct.

“Old jeans are valu­able to us... we work with a fac­tory in Va­len­cia, Spain which tears old jeans apart to make new yarn.

“We can’t make jeans from 100 per cent re­cy­cled cot­ton yet, so we have to mix this re­cy­cled cot­ton with vir­gin cot­ton; but we can use up to 40% of re­cy­cled cot­ton to make new jeans.

“The other so­lu­tion is to up­cy­cle the jeans. If the jeans are com­pletely worn out, we fix them, cus­tomise them on de­mand and sell then as vin­tage jeans. This is an­other way to make the prod­uct life­cy­cle a bit longer.”

MUD Jeans mails out its prod­ucts in re­turn­able and re­us­able pack­ag­ing, and prints lo­gos in­stead of us­ing leather, while but­tons made from re­cy­cled cot­ton are utilised in its knitwear.

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