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Cy the Cynic says it’s only hu­man to make mis­takes, but some of us are more hu­man than oth­ers.

In to­day’s deal, East took the queen of hearts and led a trump. South won, led a club to the ace and re­turned the king of hearts: ace, ruff. The ten would fur­nish a di­a­mond dis­card.

No fa­tal er­rors yet, but South next led the king and a third club. East won and led a fourth club to let West score his queen of trumps, and East also got a trump trick. Down one. HIGH TRUMP

South couldn’t suc­ceed by tak­ing the A-K of trumps, then los­ing a club. East could cash his high trump and a sec­ond club. In­stead, South can con­cede a club at Trick Three.

South wins East’s trump re­turn, leads a club to the ace and ruffs out East’s ace of hearts. South then leads a club to the king. What­ever East does, South can pitch a di­a­mond on the ten of hearts and ruff his fourth club in dummy.

(South has an­other route to 10 tricks: He can ar­range to ruff two di­a­monds in his hand as well as a heart.) DAILY QUES­TION You hold: ♠ AK876 ♥J ♦ A 6 4 ♣ 6 5 3 2. Your part­ner opens one heart, you bid one spade, he re­bids two hearts and you try 2NT. Part­ner then re­bids three hearts. What do you say? AN­SWER: In the­ory you should pass; you tried for game and part­ner signed off. But most play­ers would have forced to game with your hand, and your top hon­ors will be most use­ful. Your sin­gle­ton jack is good sup­port for a suit part­ner bid three times. Raise to four hearts. North dealer N-S vul­ner­a­ble

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