What’s in­volved in mak­ing jew­ellery?

We went round the fac­tory with man­ager, Bankim Sang­havi, to see ex­actly what goes into mak­ing your unique pieces.

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The De­sign

In or­der to pro­duce a unique piece, the ini­tial step is to cre­ate a de­sign, this is the point from where the magic be­gins. A man­ual sketch of the de­sign is made first. The fi­nal de­sign is a re­sult of close co­op­er­a­tion be­tween the man­ual de­sign­ers and CAD de­sign­ers, mov­ing the pieces from two di­men­sional to three di­men­sional.

Ma­te­rial Se­lec­tion

This step in­volves se­lec­tion of the ideal ma­te­rial for the de­sign: what type of metal and which stones to use.


The se­lected metal is melted in or­der to start the jew­ellery-mak­ing process.


Cast­ing is a very com­plex process and re­quires ut­most skilled and ex­pe­ri­enced cast­ers for the de­sired fi­nal prod­uct. The wax repli­cas are placed in steel con­tain­ers, along with in­vest­ment pow­der, and the con­tain­ers are heated in a hot cham­ber, which so­lid­i­fies the pow­der and melts the wax leav­ing be­hind a per­fect ef­fect. Liq­ue­fied metal is then poured into the flasks and al­lowed to cool, then de­mol­ished to re­veal the jew­ellery in cast­ing form.


Fil­ing is an es­sen­tial tech­nique in jew­ellery mak­ing. Fil­ing re­moves ex­cess metal, evens out the sur­faces and makes the jew­ellery smooth.


Ev­ery part must be pol­ished while the mount is be­ing made. The en­tire mount is care­fully made clean and pol­ished to the high­est de­gree of smooth­ness.

Di­a­mond/ Stone Bag­ging

After the prod­uct has passed pol­ish­ing, it has to un­dergo the set­ting process. Be­fore that, the re­quired stones of the cor­rect size and weight are cut and made with ex­treme pre­ci­sion and are then as­sorted for the fi­nal set­ting.


The crafts­men man­u­ally set the di­a­monds and gems into the metal. The set­ting process in­volves in­di­vid­ual hand as well and mi­cro set­ting – done un­der a mi­cro­scope.

Fi­nal Pol­ish­ing

The jew­ellery then goes through a fi­nal pol­ish­ing process to smooth out any rough edges.

Qual­ity Check/Re­jec­tion

After the fi­nal pol­ish­ing, the jew­ellery is brought to the con­trol unit where each piece is thor­oughly checked for any de­fects. The Qual­ity As­sur­ance team en­sure faults are rec­ti­fied be­fore the fi­nal pass­ing. Qual­ity check is car­ried out to en­sure that the jew­ellery is dam­age and de­fect free.

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