Oil in sal­ads may boost its nu­tri­tional ben­e­fits

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LOVE TO EAT sal­ads? Adding a spoon­ful or two of soy­bean oil as dress­ing may help you de­rive the op­ti­mal nu­tri­tional ben­e­fit from your veg­gies, sug­gests a re­search. The find­ings showed that eat­ing salad with added fat in the form of soy­bean oil pro­motes the ab­sorp­tion of seven dif­fer­ent mi­cronu­tri­ents that pro­mote hu­man health in­clud­ing cancer preven­tion and eye­sight preser­va­tion.

These nu­tri­ents in­clude four carotenoids - al­pha and beta carotene, lutein and ly­copene - two forms of vi­ta­min E and vi­ta­min K, said re­searchers from the Iowa State Univer­sity in the US.

The oil also pro­moted the ab­sorp­tion of vi­ta­min A, which is formed in the in­tes­tine from the al­pha and beta carotene. “The best way to ex­plain it would be to say that adding twice the amount of salad dress­ing leads to twice the nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion,” said Wendy White, As­so­ci­ate Pro­fes­sor at the var­sity.

The study also found that the amount of oil added to the veg­eta­bles had a pro­por­tional re­la­tion­ship with the amount of nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion. That is, more oil means more ab­sorp­tion.

Con­versely, eat­ing the same salad with­out the added oil lessens the like­li­hood that the body will ab­sorb the nu­tri­ents. The study showed that the re­sults may ease the guilt of count­less di­eters who fret about adding dress­ing to their sal­ads.

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