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We know that it sounds nearly im­pos­si­ble to keep your fit­ness on point while fast­ing this Ra­madan, but we speak to lo­cal ex­perts who tell us how to do it!

Ra­madan has of­fi­cially started. And while the Holy Month makes us ques­tion how we con­sume and what we spend our time and money on, it also can be phys­i­cally stren­u­ous. Many of us don’t get the hang of Ra­madan eat­ing for a while. When we ab­stain from food or drink all day, we break our fast by eat­ing too much food and worse still by not en­gag­ing in any phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity. Not great for our health.

To many, en­gag­ing in any phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity to stay fit in Ra­madan seems lu­di­crous. In fact, to some it’s im­pos­si­ble. But we can’t stress how im­por­tant it is to stay fit and ac­tive dur­ing Ra­madan.

Just in case you’re one of those peo­ple who think that it can’t be done, we’ve done all the work for you and found a Dubai based chal­lenge you can take part in, have tips for you to stay health this Ra­madan and spoke to three fit­ness ex­perts who share their ad­vice on how to stay fit dur­ing the Holy Month.

Here are top ten tips to stay healthy dur­ing the Holy Month

1. Re­duce your caf­feine in­take. Try and cut out caf­feinated drinks when breaking your fast, as they can de­hy­drate you.

2. Avoid salty and spicy foods. These in­gre­di­ents can make your body re­tain wa­ter and cause you to be thirstier.

3. Drink plenty of flu­ids af­ter you break your fast to keep your body as hy­drated as pos­si­ble.

4. Reg­u­late your sleep pat­terns. Try and main­tain a rou­tine so that you are wak­ing and sleep­ing at the same time ev­ery day.

5. Plan when and what you are go­ing to eat, en­sur­ing a bal­ance of dishes that are fresh and con­tain­ing nec­es­sary pro­teins, car­bo­hy­drates and vi­ta­mins.

6. Con­trary to pop­u­lar be­lief, light ex­er­cise such as yoga can keep your body and mind en­er­gised dur­ing Ra­madan and helps to reg­u­late blood pres­sure.

7. Cut out smok­ing. Ra­madan could be a good op­por­tu­nity to con­sider giv­ing up al­to­gether.

8. Calm your mind. Fast­ing can cause ir­ri­tabil­ity, so prac­tice be­ing more pa­tient and un­der­stand­ing to oth­ers. Mind­ful­ness ex­er­cises can help you to think more pos­i­tively.

9. Ar­range things in ad­vance. It’s im­por­tant to spend more qual­ity time with fam­ily and friends dur­ing the Holy Month, so make sure your di­ary is well thought out.

10. Avoid high-sugar food items such as sweets, candies and cho­co­lates. In­stead turn to the nat­u­ral su­gars found in dates, Ra­madan’s most pop­u­lar food item.

Tips pro­vided by Banyan Tree Res­i­dences


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