Nic St. Mau­rice

Co-founder of The Phys­i­cal Train­ing Com­pany and celebrity fit­ness trainer

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Is it pos­si­ble to fast and stay fit?

It is pos­si­ble to stay fit when you fast. Ob­vi­ously, it’s a bit more com­pli­cated de­pend­ing on which ex­er­cises you nor­mally do. You can’t ex­pect to keep train­ing at the same in­ten­sity and same vol­ume if you nor­mally do two hours of weight train­ing, for ex­am­ple, since it will be dif­fi­cult to make up for all those calo­ries in the shorter pe­riod of time that you have to eat.

What’s some­thing peo­ple fast­ing should be wary of?

Peo­ple have to keep in mind that even though they will feel weaker from not eat­ing for a pro­longed pe­riod of time, it’s the hy­dra­tion that’s the most im­por­tant. Mak­ing sure to drink enough wa­ter for the en­tire day dur­ing the night will make the big­gest dif­fer­ence.

When fast­ing when is the best time for a work out?

De­pend­ing on your goals and on the fit­ness level that you’re at, it can be bet­ter to train be­fore or af­ter If­tar. In gen­eral, peo­ple who want to lose weight tend to train be­fore If­tar, but peo­ple who want to fo­cus a bit more on per­for­mance (to gain mus­cle or to train with more in­ten­sity) usu­ally train one or two hours af­ter breaking their fast.

What’s the one im­por­tant food or fruit or veg­etable one should be eat­ing af­ter they break their fast?

I’m a big fan of foods that are high in pro­tein and healthy fats. Nuts like al­monds will help reg­u­late blood sugar lev­els so that you don’t get as hun­gry and high as when you have foods high in sugar like many fruits. This will then al­low you to con­trol your­self a bit more and make smarter food choices. I’ve just tried the new place in Jumeirah called The Roost and I think hav­ing chicken with dif­fer­ent types of healthy hum­mous with salad and drinks is a great way to break your fast.

What healthy food spots would you rec­om­mend in Dubai for peo­ple to check out for a clean and light way to break their fast?

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