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1. Match your board to the wave, a mod­ern short­board will be al­most un-rid­able in small waves. Con­sider a long­board for start­ing out.

2. Pick a break that matches your skill level. No need to pad­dle out at Pipe­line on your first day, luck­ily this isn’t an is­sue in the UAE.

3. Find the sweet spot where your weight is cen­tered on the board, too far for­ward and your nose will “pearl” plow­ing un­der wa­ter at an alarm­ing rate. Too far back and you’ll never catch any­thing.

4. From a seated po­si­tion, ro­tat­ing each leg in op­po­site di­rec­tions will turn you around in time to catch the on­com­ing wave.

5. Look for the spot where the wave be­gins, to “sec­tion” this is the place where the white wa­ter breaks to the left or right (de­pend­ing on the di­rec­tion of the break) wave’s open face. This is where you want to be!

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