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Gar­cia’s mid­field headache: Rudi Gar­cia’s pre­ferred for­ma­tion means he has to pick be­tween Maxime Lopez, Mor­gan San­son and An­dre-Franck Zambo An­guissa – a dilemma he has been fac­ing all sea­son. Lopez and San­son got the nod in both legs of the semi-fi­nal against Salzburg, but An­guissa has usu­ally been pre­ferred in the league, and has been more con­sis­tent. Both have their mer­its – An­guissa is bet­ter suited to han­dle Atletico’s phys­i­cal game, while San­son pro­vides more at­tack­ing im­pe­tus against a Ro­ji­blan­cos side that will, as al­ways, de­fend first.


Sime­one’s big call: Diego Sime­one has so many op­tions with his mid­field. Saul and Koke pick them­selves, but af­ter that, it could be any two of Gabi, Vi­tolo, An­gel Cor­rea, or Thomas Partey. With Gabi, the ques­tion is one of ex­pe­ri­ence vs age - the for­mer is ex­actly what you want in a Euro­pean fi­nal, but the lat­ter could leave Atletico ex­posed against Mar­seille’s at­tack. It’s more likely that Partey starts, and then Sime­one has to pick be­tween Vi­tolo and Cor­rea, each of whom started one leg of the Arse­nal tie. Vi­tolo’s com­bat­ive­ness or Cor­rea’s pace on the counter? The game could rest on that call.

*2017/18 Europa League

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