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Fol­low­ing a sim­ple lifestyle such as eating all food within 10 hours can re­store bal­ance, stave off meta­bolic dis­eases and main­tain health. The study, con­ducted over mice, sug­gests that the health prob­lems associated with dis­rup­tions to an­i­mals’ 24-hour rhythms of ac­tiv­ity and rest — which in hu­mans is linked to eating for most of the day or do­ing shift work — can be cor­rected by eating all calo­ries within a 10-hour win­dow. “For many of us, the day be­gins with a cup of cof­fee irst thing in the morn­ing and ends with a bed­time snack 14 or 15 hours later,” said Satchi­dananda Panda, Pro­fes­sor at the Salk In­sti­tute. “But re­strict­ing food in­take to 10 hours a day, and fast­ing the rest, can lead to bet­ter health, re­gard­less of our bi­o­log­i­cal clock,” he added.

The re­searchers demon­strated that the cir­ca­dian clocks strikes a bal­ance be­tween su­fi­cient nu­tri­tion dur­ing the fed state and nec­es­sary re­pair or re­ju­ve­na­tion dur­ing fast­ing. When this in­ter­nal clock is dis­rupted, as when hu­mans do shift work, or when it is com­pro­mised due to ge­netic de­fects, the bal­ance breaks down and dis­eases set in.

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