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In Rahna Reiko Riz­zuto’s Shadow Child, trauma is the spiked pearl in the pretty shell of the lives of iden­ti­cal twins Hanako and Keiko, born to Miya, a trou­bled but un­fail­ingly gen­tle woman who lives in an iso­lated town in Hawaii.

The twins grow up al­most feral, so close that it is not al­ways clear, even to them­selves, who is who.

When they reach their teens in the 1960s, Hanako has be­come stu­dious and reclu­sive, while Keiko is con­sid­ered the wild one. A ter­ri­ble event wounds and separates them, and years later, an­other vi­o­lent in­ter­lude takes place when Keiko sets out to ind her long-es­tranged sis­ter in New

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