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In­dian con­tem­po­rary artist Su­nil Gawde en­cour­ages view­ers to ‘see, not just look’ at the on-go­ing ex­hibiton id–od and other di­men­sions...

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ART opens a win­dow of pos­si­bil­i­ties,

To re-think,


Re-ex­pe­ri­ence, the mundane…

Art blurs cul­tural bound­aries, while pre­serv­ing the unique.

Art aids in de­vel­op­ing multi-di­men­sional sen­si­bil­i­ties,

Art con­nects hu­man ex­is­tence.

Art Is A rElECtIon oF Hu­mAn lIFE.

Art fos­silizes con­tem­po­rary cul­ture, Leav­ing be­hind foot­prints in the sands of time, For the ones af­ter us...

Su­nil Gawde is of­ten found star­ing blankly, lost in deep thought, won­der­ing. The idea of chal­leng­ing re­al­ity and our per­cep­tion of it has been a con­stant theme in Gawde’s work. What hap­pens when we see and don’t just look? Is a ques­tion that Gawde tries to an­swer in this body of work.

‘Id-od’ is a term that is fre­quently used by en­gi­neers. As Gawde has been work­ing on ki­netic sculp­tures that re­quire very de­tailed and pre­cise en­gi­neer­ing for over a decade, this term wasn’t alien to him. It stands for In­ner Di­men­sion and Outer Di­men­sion. Since Gawde’s thoughts of­ten re­volve around per­cep­tion v/s re­al­ity, magic v/s logic, in­side v/s out­side…The term ’Id-od’ made him feel im­me­di­ately at home. It wAs lIkE in­D­InG A syn­onym For An IDEA tHAt HAs con­sumed his mind and work for most of his life.

A top can only spin round and round when it’s cen­tre is sta­ble and bal­anced…

A drop starts a rip­ple ef­fect in wa­ter…

A tree starts with a seed and grows in var­i­ous direc­tions around the seed…

With­out hav­ing the frame of ref­er­ence of the CEn­tEr, It Is HArD to iG­urE out tHE Ex­pAnsE oF AC­tIon…

With­out know­ing the ex­panse of ac­tion, it is hard to inD tHE CEn­tEr…

The in­ner di­men­sion starts the magic and the outer di­men­sion helps us re­alise the magic.

Our per­cep­tion of re­al­ity and re­al­ity it­self would be far too over­whelm­ing if we did not have a frame of ref­er­ence.

This body of work con­sists of a se­ries of vis­ual haikus, which aim to chal­lenge our ideas and be­liefs of per­cep­tion and re­al­ity. Gawde urges the view­ers to meet him half way by try­ing to fig­ure out the lay­ers of de­cep­tion in the art­works, all he asks is ‘see, don’t just look…what you think you see, might not be what is’.

On dis­play are also some of the ear­lier works, which leads us or ac­cen­tu­ates the vis­tas of his oeu­vre. - Durga Gawde Sculp­tor and an Ed­u­ca­tor In­dia


Su­nil Gawde is an In­dian con­tem­po­rary artist who has at­tracted con­sid­er­able at­ten­tion of the in­ter­na­tional art com­mu­nity. He was in­vited to par­tic­i­pate in the Venice Bi­en­nale 2009. His works have been col­lected by Na­tional Gallery of Mod­ern Art, Ki­ran Nadar Mu­seum of Art and Devi Art Foun­da­tion in In­dia etc. He has long been fo­cus­ing on the dif­fer­ence be­tween re­al­ity and per­cep­tion, as well as their con­nec­tion and ex­ten­sion. He tends to ex­press his in­ner self through sculp­tures, paint­ings, and ki­netic in­stal­la­tions that high­light the ab­surd, para­dox­i­cal, and con­tra­dic­tory na­ture of life with dif­fer­ent sets of vis­ually stim­u­lat­ing du­al­ism such as, among other things, soft vs. hard, round vs. sharp, pres­ence vs. ab­sence, and sense vs. sen­si­bil­ity. Em­ploy­ing di­verse ma­te­ri­als and art forms though, the artist fol­lows his con­sis­tent creative style that ex­udes an aura of clean and clear aes­thet­ics. The ma­te­ri­als for his art­works are pri­mar­ily quo­tid­ian ready-mades such as light bulbs, wind­shield wipers, or mag­ni­fiers. Gawde tries to ex­plore the most dis­tinct pos­si­bil­i­ties of these ready-mades by an­a­lyz­ing their phys­i­cal qual­ity and size. He is an artist with po­etic vi­sion and skilled in build­ing metaphor­i­cal ten­sion when trans­form­ing the na­ture of ob­jects. His artis­tic vo­cab­u­lary tran­scends tHE Con­inEs oF GEo­GrApHIC rE­GIons AnD Cul­turEs. It not only gets in line with the lo­cal con­text, but also its In wItH tHE In­tEr­nA­tIonAl trEnDs. HIs tECH­nIquE of ex­pres­sion per­fectly blends sense with sen­si­bil­ity, which not only brings a touch of hu­mour and charm But Also En­Cour­AGEs pHIlo­sopH­I­CAl rElECtIon. OPEN­ING RE­CEP­TION: Sept. 24, 6 – 9 pm EX­HI­BI­TION DATES: Sept. 25 to Nov. 20 1X1 Art Gallery, Alserkal Av­enue, Dubai. Satur­day to Thurs­day, 11am to 7pm

Su­nil Gawde, From the se­ries-Blind Bulbs etc.

Ki­netic sculp­ture mo­tor­ized mech­a­nism mounted on pow­der coated ms plate, 5 trans­par­ent glasses, acrylic,30

Painted FRP and steel

Mir­ror fin­ished and painted stain­less steel

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