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The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to your joint inan­cial ven­tures. This is your peak to seal a part­ner­ship deal and to ex­pand the cur­rent re­sources. It’s a new part­ner­ship that brings depth, pas­sion and zeal to the re­la­tion­ship, ig­nit­ing the de­sire for re­sources of all kinds. So, get down to work on your inan­cial part­ner­ship with your signiicant other, busi­ness and/or per­sonal. You may need to re­view the af­fec­tions that you have for your part­ner as fur­ther is­sues arise. Stay bal­anced. Uranus, once more, en­ters your sign to in­ish a few more changes be­fore leav­ing you changed and lib­er­ated for good by March 2019.


The New Moon in Scor­pio ad­vices new be­gin­nings in your re­la­tion­ship that in­volves your signiicant other. This can be an emo­tion­ally volatile pe­riod for you es­pe­cially as this is the op­po­si­tion that en­forces you de­cide for this re­la­tion­ship. How­ever, it is best to re­view this re­la­tion­ship for now be­cause Venus in ret­ro­grade goes back to ad­dress some out­stand­ing inan­cial and re­la­tion­ship is­sues re­lated to work, health, your an­i­mals, col­leagues and other daily rou­tine mat­ters. Uranus ret­ro­grades back into Aries to ad­dress changes made re­lated to your pri­vacy, se­crets and past. Once again, for the next 5 months, re­treat and un­wind.


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to your work, health, an­i­mal com­pan­ions, col­leagues, and daily rou­tines. It may be a new work­ing en­vi­ron­ment, new health is­sues and a new diet that you need to fol­low through with zeal. This is your power pe­riod for work and health and it can also be the op­po­site. It’s up to you to im­bue these mat­ters with depth and pas­sion. Venus ret­ro­grade in­di­cates that there are out­stand­ing is­sues re­lated to ro­mance, chil­dren and recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties that you need to deal with and ind so­lu­tions, bear­ing

in mind the costs in­volved and stay­ing mod­er­ate. Uranus ret­ro­grade ad­vises that you re­view out­stand­ing mat­ters re­lated to so­cial goals, groups, or­ga­ni­za­tions, friends and even with ac­quain­tances.


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to ro­mance, chil­dren, recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties and cre­ative pur­suits. You are at your most pas­sion­ate for such mat­ters. So, be­gin anew. New love in­vig­o­rates and calls for emo­tional ex­pan­sion. A child changes your world. What­ever the new be­gin­ning, en­joy it! Venus ret­ro­grade has a few out­stand­ing is­sues to be cleared for home and fam­ily mat­ters. Mon­i­tor your inances and watch your emo­tions. Stay bal­anced. Uranus in ret­ro­grade also re­turns to churn up your changes made re­lated to pro­fes­sion and pub­lic life­style. You need to re­view these changes and tie up loose ends and redo some mat­ters re­lated to this sphere of life over the next 5 months.


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to home and fam­ily. This can be an emo­tional phase of great depth and pas­sion and you are ad­vised to stay in con­trol and ac­cept changes.

Try not to re­sist. Thank­fully, there’s some re­lief as Venus ret­ro­grades back into mat­ters re­lated to your cur­rent en­vi­ron­ment, those around, sib­lings and ed­u­ca­tion. This en­cour­ages and sup­ports re­view­ing your inances and your at­tach­ments for such mat­ters. Uranus’ ret­ro­grade al­lows you to re­con­nect fa­vor­ably with over­seas and to in­al­ize mat­ters for the bet­ter. Work and health may pres­sure your need to travel but make changes so that both ar­eas are ap­peased.


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to your cur­rent en­vi­ron­ment, with those around, es­pe­cially sib­lings, short jour­neys and ed­u­ca­tional cour­ses. You are im­bued with pas­sion to take on such mat­ters and do com­mu­ni­cate for you will be ac­cepted. It’s a pro­found and pas­sion­ate pe­riod but take care of inances and at­tach­ments re­lated to this sphere as Venus is still ret­ro­grade and has back­tracked ad­vis­ing that you mon­i­tor your bud­get, ju­di­ciously. Uranus has once again back­tracked in your joint inan­cial area of life, in­di­cat­ing it is the inal shot at mak­ing dy­namic changes to your inan­cial part­ner­ship and stick­ing to it.


SEP 21 OCT 20


The New Moon in your sign calls for new per­sonal be­gin­nings that in­volve makeovers, pre­sen­ta­tions and per­sonal ap­pear­ances. It is your time to ex­pand as you are at the peak of pas­sion and power be­fore it’s all over. How­ever, be aware that Venus is in ret­ro­grade and you will need to take stock of you, fi­nan­cially and emo­tion­ally. This planet fur­ther ret­ro­grades into Li­bra which means it rakes up your past and your se­crets and seeks change and balance, once more. Take care of your health. Uranus also back­tracks into Aries for one last time un­til March 2019 and here is where you are called to make fur­ther changes that in­volve your work, health, daily rou­tines, col­leagues and your an­i­mals.


The New Moon in Scor­pio ad­vises that you be­gin your an­nual re­treat and rest from the out­side world. You need to re­flect deeply on your past, your se­crets and your in­ner health. Spir­i­tual pur­suits are ad­vised dur­ing this pe­riod. Just be aware of se­cre­tive li­aisons and fi­nan­cial mat­ters. Uranus ret­ro­grades for the fi­nal time un­til March 2019 into the sphere that has brought you much joy: ro­mance, chil­dren, cre­ative pur­suits and recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties. It’s time to re­live these mo­ments and make more changes that will al­low for this joy to con­tinue when you get down to se­ri­ous work. En­joy the next 5 months!


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to your so­cial life, goals, causes, or­ga­ni­za­tions, ac­quain­tances and friends. It im­bues you with pas­sion, zeal and power with mat­ters that are so­cially close to your heart. How­ever, do re­view your fi­nances and at­tach­ments re­lated to this area of life as well as the fi­nances and part­ner­ships re­lated to your pro­fes­sional and pub­lic life. These need fur­ther changes. Uranus back­tracks in Aries for the next few months in­di­cat­ing that you re­visit your home and fam­ily for fi­nal changes. It can be chal­leng­ing but you have faced the same sit­u­a­tion in the past. This time it is about to come to an end.


The New Moon in Scor­pio brings chal­lenges and changes in­di­cat­ing that you need to be­gin anew in your pro­fes­sional and pub­lic life. This pe­riod is soaked in pas­sion and power strug­gles among the mem­bers in your pro­fes­sion. Do not be re­sis­tant of change or de­tached from these pas­sions for they can harm if not ad­dressed. Also, con­tinue to re­view your fi­nances re­lated to home and fam­ily. The Venus ret­ro­grade back­tracks in Li­bra that al­lows for a breather but ad­vises that you need to re­visit over­seas and re­view fi­nan­cial mat­ters re­lated to this area. Uranus back­tracks for the next 5 months in Aries in­di­cat­ing that you need to re­view your changes re­lated to cur­rent en­vi­ron­ment, those around, ed­u­ca­tion, short jour­neys, your com­mu­ni­ca­tion and your sib­lings.


The New Moon in Scor­pio calls for new be­gin­nings re­lated to your per­sonal fi­nances. Your pas­sion for ma­te­rial se­cu­rity and ac­qui­si­tions are at its peak but you must be care­ful when deal­ing with fi­nances and at­tach­ments to posses­sions and re­serves as Venus is in ret­ro­grade and back­tracks into your own sign. This means you need to re­view your per­sonal pre­sen­ta­tion and ap­pear­ance. Uranus has back­tracked into Aries for the last and fi­nal set­tle­ment re­lated to your sig­nif­i­cant re­la­tion­ship; your part­ner. There are a few out­stand­ing is­sues, maybe even le­gal, that needs to be sorted out for the both of you.

The New Moon in Scor­pio in­di­cates fa­vor­able new be­gin­nings re­lated to over­seas, higher ed­u­ca­tion, in-laws and for­eign me­dia. This is a peak sea­son for you that in­volves pas­sion and power, but it may be short-lived. So, en­joy this sea­son while it is still in force but be aware that Venus in ret­ro­grade ad­vises re­view­ing re­lated fi­nances and part­ner­ships. Uranus back­tracks for the next 5 months in Aries once again ad­vis­ing you to re­view the fi­nan­cial changes you have made and take a de­ci­sion or get sup­port/ad­vice from fi­nan­cial well-wish­ers about keep­ing the changes or mak­ing more.

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