Rowdy ac­coun­tant faces de­por­ta­tion


DUBAI: An ac­coun­tant who put a pa­trol cor­po­ral in a choke­hold, beat him and told him he was sup­posed to be in the trash con­tainer, faces de­por­ta­tion.

The Arab man, 24, as­saulted and in­sulted the 19-year-old Emi­rati cop who HAD stopped HIM For IDENTIICATION at Union Metro Sta­tion on Feb.8.2017, Naif Po­lice Sta­tion records showed.

The cop sus­tained chest bruises. Pros­e­cu­tors pre­sented a med­i­cal re­port. The man de­nied and ques­tioned the source of the re­port, “I won­der where they got the re­port from. I did not even touch the cop.”

The Crim­i­nal Court has sen­tenced him to a sus­pended three-month-prison term but or­dered that he be de­ported. The ver­dict re­mains sub­ject to ap­peal at the Ap­peals Court within 14 days.

The cor­po­ral and his col­league were pa­trolling around the metro sta­tion when they sus­pected the ac­coun­tant and stopped him at its en­trance. They re­quested him to present his ID.

He pre­sented them an ID. They asked him to fol­low them inside a po­lice OFICE. HE RE­FUSED, In­sisted HE was on hurry and told them to keep the ID with them. He con­tin­ued walk­ing.

The cop pur­sued him while call­ing him to com­ply. He in­sisted he would not do so. The cop seized him to stop him from es­cap­ing. He re­acted and ut­tered in­ap­pro­pri­ate words.

“You are a psy­chopath! You should go for treat­ment!” he shouted. “Who ap­pointed you in the po­lice force?” he asked then pointed to a trash con­tainer. “That’s your place,” he said.

WHEN they REACHED THE ofice’s en­trance, the cop touched him, wel­Com­ing HIM INSIDE THE OFICE. “Don’t touch me or as­sault me!” he shouted. All of a sud­den, he thrust a blow on the cop’s chest.

He then grabbed the cop’s neck. A po­lice­man rushed out of THE OFICE and clutched his arm to stop him from BEAT­ING THE Cop. PO­LICE ofi­cers took HIM INSIDE THE In­ves­ti­ga­tions OFICE.

When the po­lice­man re­leased his arm he tried to throw an­other blow at the cop. The po­lice­man was quick to seize him again and force him down to the ground. They tied his arms to the back.

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