Shar­jah Aquar­ium shows eco care, re­moves 6 tonnes of waste, lit­ter


SHAR­JAH: The Shar­jah Aquar­ium, part of Shar­jah Mu­se­ums Author­ity, led teams of vol­un­teers in the 8th an­nual “Be­cause We Care” marine en­vi­ron­ment clean-up event. The un­der­wa­ter clean-up op­er­a­tion re­cov­ered six tonnes of waste and lit­ter from Souq Al Jubail marine.

Held at Souq Al Jubail in Shar­jah on Jan 13, at 7.30am, the 2018 edi­tion of the marine con­ser­va­tion ini­tia­tive aims to re­move lit­ter, plas­tic and other rub­bish that is haz­ardous to the en­vi­ron­ment from the wa­ter­ways.

Launched to help spread aware­ness about the need to con­serve Shar­jah’s nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment, the “Be­cause We Care” cam­paign reg­u­larly at­tracts large crowds of ded­i­cated vol­un­teers.

By ed­u­cat­ing fam­i­lies, es­pe­cially chil­dren, the cam­paign hopes to cre­ate a com­mu­nity of en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious in­di­vid­u­als who care about the clean­li­ness and nat­u­ral health of not only Shar­jah, but the en­tire UAE as well.

Held at dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions through­out Shar­jah, each year the cam­paign re­moves large amounts of waste from the emi­rate’s beaches and un­der­wa­ter ar­eas.

Lit­ter and rub­bish, from house­hold waste to dis­carded plas­tic and even larger items like aban­doned bi­cy­cles and cars, present not only a ma­jor threat to wildlife but also have a neg­a­tive im­pact on the im­age of the emi­rate.

This year, the “Be­cause We Care” cam­paign has tar­geted waste and rub­bish THROWN OVER­BOARD FROM ISH­ING BOATS docked near Souq Al Jubail.

The crews of these boats some­times DIS­CARD WASTE, IN­CLUD­ING OLD ISH­ING nets and lines, into the wa­ter. This cre­ates a host of se­ri­ous prob­lems for ISH AND OTHER MARINE LIFE THAT LIVE IN the area as well as af­fect­ing the over­all ap­pear­ance of the area.

Fish, birds and other an­i­mals can eas­ily be­come fa­tally en­tan­gled in dis­carded nets and cages while other WASTE SUCH AS MARKER BUOYS AND ISH­ING lines can of­ten gather on the sur­face of the wa­ter with other trash.

Staff and vol­un­teers from the “Be­cause We Care” cam­paign will help to EX­PLAIN TO ISH­ING BOAT CAPTAINS AND THEIR crews the im­por­tance of main­tain­ing a healthy marine en­vi­ron­ment and why they should not throw rub­bish over­board.

As mem­bers of the pub­lic fo­cus on clear­ing trash from the sur­face of the wa­ter, divers from Shar­jah Po­lice’s res­cue unit, Shar­jah Aquar­ium and Emi­rates Div­ing Centre helped with the marine clean-up op­er­a­tion by re­mov­ing any rub­bish that has sunk.

Once the rub­bish has been col­lected and brought to shore, waste man­age­ment com­pany Beaa’h and Shar­jah Mu­nic­i­pal­ity safely dis­posed of it at one of its sites in Shar­jah.

Rashed Al Shamsi, Cu­ra­tor of Shar­jah Aquar­ium, said, “The an­nual “Be­cause We Care” cam­paign is a fan­tas­tic way of get­ting ev­ery mem­ber of so­ci­ety in­volved in look­ing af­ter the world around them. Lit­ter, rub­bish and other forms of waste pose a se­ri­ous prob­lem to not only wildlife but also to peo­ple as well.

“This year’s fo­cus on clear­ing the wa­ters of lit­ter and rub­bish, es­pe­cially harm­ful items such as old nets, lines and cages that have been dis­carded FROM ISH­ING BOATS, WILL BENEIT THE marine life greatly and present a bet­ter im­age of the area.

“We at Shar­jah Aquar­ium know only too well the im­por­tance of tak­ing care of the nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ment, and just how frag­ile it can be. But if we all do our bit, we can have a mas­sive im­pact and make sure Shar­jah re­mains beau­ti­ful.”

Manal Ataya, Di­rec­tor Gen­eral of Shar­jah Mu­se­ums Author­ity, said, As part of our “Be­cause We Care” ini­tia­tive, the Shar­jah Mu­se­ums Author­ity is help­ing to spread the im­por­tant mes­sage of marine con­ser­va­tion.

“The his­tory of the UAE will be for­ever linked to the sea and the land. These two el­e­ments have helped to shape the Emi­rates and the her­itage of its peo­ple. It is there­fore vi­tal that we raise aware­ness in our so­ci­ety of the im­por­tance of pro­tect­ing and re­spect­ing the nat­u­ral world around us.”

Held at dif­fer­ent lo­ca­tions through­out Shar­jah, each year the cam­paign re­moves large amounts of waste from the emi­rate’s beaches and un­der­wa­ter ar­eas.

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