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ZAINAB, is the eighth mi­nor to have been raped and mur­dered in Ka­sur in the past 12 months and yet the po­lice are clue­less on who the per­pe­tra­tor/s or pe­dophile/ s are (‘Hunt on for Ka­sur’s se­rial killer, rapist,’ Jan.13, The Gulf To­day).

Spokesper­son of the Pun­jab prov­ince — where Ka­sur is lo­cated — Ma­lik Muham­mad Ah­mad Khan is said to have told re­porters, that the rapist or the mur­derer, is a se­rial killer. “In the pre­vi­ous in­ci­dents, the forensic ev­i­dence also de­ter­mines it and the modus operandi of car­ry­ing out such acts also de­ter­mines it,” he said.

If that is true, than it is even more shock­ing that the so called se­rial killer has been walk­ing through the streets of Ka­sur and com­mit­ting the ghastly acts for at least a year, un­der the very nose of the po­lice and other guardians of the law, who pa­trol the area.

To add to this Ka­sur has the no­to­ri­ety of pe­dophile ac­tiv­ity. In Au­gust 2015, at least 19 mi­nors were recorded on video and pho­tographed by a net­work of 17 peo­ple in Ganda Singh Wala, which falls in the same area. And in April 2016, an anti-ter­ror­ism court had sen­tenced two ac­cused to life im­pris­on­ment.

I fail to un­der­stand how all this could have hap­pened if not for some sort of tacit sup­port from un­scrupu­lous el­e­ments in the au­thor­i­ties who man the area.

The killing led to vi­o­lent protests in Ka­sur dur­ing which two peo­ple died and sev­eral acts of van­dal­ism took place. That got the au­thor­i­ties mov­ing and as the po­lice say they have a sus­pect. But so many in­no­cent chil­dren have al­ready lost their lives and the po­lice, I feel, also need to be held ac­count­able. If need be the crim­i­nal jus­tice sys­tem could also be strength­ened so that there IS NO OC­CUR­RENCE OF SUCH HORRIIC ACTS in the fu­ture.

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