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The Shock, a real­ity TV show where provoca­tive sce­nar­ios are staged in dif­fer­ent Arab coun­tries to gauge the pub­lic’s re­ac­tion, gar­nered a pop­u­lar fol­low­ing last year.

Back for its sec­ond sea­son, the episodes are as heart- wrench­ing as ever. Child ac­tors in Iraq, Le­banon, Egypt and Tu­nisia are seen wan­der­ing the streets in light cloth­ing, wear­ing short sleeves and shiv­er­ing, while passers-by are decked out in win­ter cloth­ing. The chi ldren im­plore the adults for a jacket or scarf, or an old sweater, in­sist­ing that they’re not beg­ging. Many peo­ple, un­aware they are be­ing filmed, ig­nore them or shoo them away. Some oth­ers how­ever, are quick to of­fer their scarves and gloves. The Shock’s mes­sage is as clear: don’t for­get your hu­man­ity. Show mercy. Do good. It’s a prank show with a heart, and cer­tainly makes for some mov­ing mo­ments this Ra­madan.

Airs im­me­di­ately af­ter if­tar on MBC, at around 7.45pm

In La-La Land re­calls the plot of Lost, with sur­vivors of a plane crash des­per­ate to find a way off a de­serted is­land, but there are laughs along the way Act ing along­side her ac­tor fa­ther, Samir Ghanem, for the first time, Egyp­tian singer and ac­tress Do­nia Samir Ghanem stars in the hi­lar­i­ous 30-minute com­edy se­ries Fel La La Land ( In La-La Land) which hap­pens to re­sem­ble the plot line of Lost.

A plane full of ques­tion­able in­di­vid­u­als is head­ing to China. When an en­gine fails, the pi­lot is forced to make an emer­gency land­ing and crashes the plane on a de­serted is­land in Thai­land.

Do­nia plays Etab, an air stew­ardess who seems to be the only level-headed char­ac­ter out of the Egyp­tian cast. Also on board is a con­vict who senses his op­por­tu­nity for free­dom.

The sur­vivors are des­per­ate to find a way off the is­land but not with­out quite a few laughs along the way.

In La- La Land is def initely worth your time if you’re look­ing for some light en­ter­tain­ment.

Airs on Dubai TV at 8pm, on OSN Ya Hala Al Oula at 8:30pm and on CBC at 9pm

Sheikh Waseem Yousef ’ s grip­ping live show, which has be­come a daily sta­ple on Abu Dhabi TV, con­tin­ues dur­ing Ra­madan. The charis­matic Yousef an­swers view­ers’ ques­tions on air with logic, prag­ma­tism and even a healthy dose of sar­casm. For ex­am­ple, a teenage boy calls in, say­ing: “I had a piece of Ex­tra gum. Sheikh Waseem, do you think I broke my fast when I had that gum.”

The Emi­rati shakes his head and chuck­les. “Are you se­ri­ous?,” he says, “I want you to lis­ten to this joke I re­ceived to­day.”

Yousef plays a record­ing and a child’s voice says: “Does a plain crois­sant break the fast? Just a plain one.” Once he’s done laugh­ing, Yousef shakes his head in ex­as­per­a­tion, and tells the teenager, “There’s your an­swer. You bet­ter make up that day you just lost.”

Full of in­sight and prac­ti­cal ad­vice, Min Ra­heeq Al Iman is a use­ful guide dur­ing the holy month.

Daily on Abu Dhabi TV, live at 5:30pm

Cour­tesy OSN

Do­nia Samir Ghanem in In La-La Land.

Dhabi TV Cour­tesy Abu

Sheikh Waseem Yousef in Min Ra­heeq Al Iman.

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